[httperf] where did the source code go?

Andreas Ott andreas at naund.org
Fri Sep 5 23:05:28 PDT 2008


are there any known issues with connections to 
ftp://ftp.hpl.hp.com/pub/httperf/httperf-0.9.0.tar.gz ?

Sometimes I see empty dirlist in the browser for /pub/httperf/ , but 
all the time wget reports on the full URL
Connecting to ftp.hpl.hp.com||:21... failed: Operation timed out.

I then attempted to use the 'Download' tab of the sourceforge project
page which told me that there are no files released.  Last, as I am the 
sysadmin for the San Jose sourceforge.net mirror, I checked there on
the filesystem as well but can't find any files :( .

Any hints?

Thanks, andreas
Andreas Ott      K6OTT               andreas at naund.org

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