Fwd: [httperf] Multi-thread or Multi-process

ricardo figueiredo ricardoogrande at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 07:25:31 PST 2009

Can I get response time of each request ??

I try to change httperf/src/stat/basic.c in function recv_start

Call *c = (Call *) obj;
Time now;
Time time1;

  assert (et == EV_CALL_RECV_START && object_is_call (c));

  now = timer_now ();

  time1 = now - c->basic.time_send_start;
  basic.call_response_sum += time1;
  printf("time: %f\n", (float) time1);

  c->basic.time_recv_start = now;

IsThat right ??
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