[httperf] How to maintain a session using wsesslog

sulochana sooriyaarachchi ssooriyaarachchi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 04:16:02 PST 2009

I tried to maintain a session using wsesslog by posting Cookies via
--add-headers but could not do it. I also tried the patch where we can send
headers per each url in the wsesslog session file. Still could not get it
working. Is there a way I can pass two cookies over headers.

I know that session-cookie option only supports only a single cookie. Anyone
working on httperf about support for multiple cookies? Can you please help?

It would be really nice if you could guide me how I should customize httperf
to send correct headers with multiple cookies. At least if you could tell if
it is possible or not, that will be a great help.

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