[httperf] Question regarding content

Reena Chawla reena at adobe.com
Wed Mar 18 11:18:20 PST 2009

Hi there,

I am newbie to httperf tool and having a question regarding it's parameter 'content' .I am using httperf inside ruby file and setting the xml tags in a variable like this

Gval ="<?xpacket begin = ""><?xpacket end ="">"

urls_to_test = [
"/graph?oauth_consumer_key=qJorxLONi0YBUcrfKW5XIg&oauth_signature=C9D6eXuPTPduqh7RP6UWT4idwghFxNzKil0cqujE%26&oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_token=rxZKVRBiaAm8P8BobiZGAQ&oauth_version=1.0 method=POST contents=#{gval}",

number_of_connections_per_url = 1
server = "localhost"
port = 5000

  output = `httperf --server #{server} --port #{port} --uri #{url} --num-conns #{number_of_connections_per_url}`

When I run this ruby file ,I am getting syntax error near unexpected token `<' ,how can I fix that ,can I give big xml file in content and how?

Thanks in advance,
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