[httperf] Ideas on error "Address already in use"?

Mariano Cortesi mcortesi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 14:28:31 PST 2009


I'm trying to check my test environment and see if everything is ok.
For that, I try making requests to a server I know will support the stress

Does anybody know what could be the possible reasons for httperf to
get a ERRNO 98 (Address already in use)
when doing the tests? Or how could I find what's happening?
(I'm testing using ulimit -n 65535)

Thanks in advance!

This is the log:
# httperf --hog --timeout=5 --client=0/1 --server=myserver.com
--port=80 --uri=/ --rate=4000 --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384
--num-  conns=120000 --num-calls=1
httperf --hog --timeout=5 --client=0/1 --server=myserver.com --port=80
--uri=/ --rate=4000 --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384
--num-conns=120000 --num-calls=1
cted error 98
Maximum connect burst length: 755

Total: connections 120000 requests 64548 replies 64548 test-duration 30.026 s

Connection rate: 3996.5 conn/s (0.3 ms/conn, <=816 concurrent connections)
Connection time [ms]: min 36.1 avg 107.5 max 1173.4 median 104.5 stddev 46.1
Connection time [ms]: connect 41.1
Connection length [replies/conn]: 1.000

Request rate: 2149.7 req/s (0.5 ms/req)
Request size [B]: 63.0

Reply rate [replies/s]: min 0.0 avg 2572.9 max 4007.4 stddev 1932.0 (5 samples)
Reply time [ms]: response 66.3 transfer 0.1
Reply size [B]: header 259.0 content 219.0 footer 0.0 (total 478.0)
Reply status: 1xx=0 2xx=0 3xx=64548 4xx=0 5xx=0

CPU time [s]: user 1.92 system 11.11 (user 6.4% system 36.9% total 43.3%)
Net I/O: 1117.5 KB/s (9.2*10^6 bps)

Errors: total 55627 client-timo 2598 socket-timo 0 connrefused 0 connreset 0
Errors: fd-unavail 0 addrunavail 0 ftab-full 0 other 53029

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