[httperf] how to treat reply status 500 as error?

Arlitt, Martin martin.arlitt at hp.com
Wed May 20 08:27:56 PDT 2009

Hi Kevin

I don't think there is a way to do this without modifying the code.  If you want to attempt this, take a look at gen/session.c, and search for failure_status; this will show you how the error is generated in session-based workloads.  For request-based workloads, you would likely need to edit http.c (e.g., where the status line or the response is parsed) or perhaps in core.c.  Since you already have a Web server generating status 500 errors, it should be straightforward for you to test.



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> hi,
> i realy like httperf and currently i am benchmarking lighttpd + fcgi +
> php.
> i know there is --failure-status but this is just for session based
> benchmarking so i cant use it.
> the problem is, that lighttpd throws an http 500 error code when the
> fcgi backend is overloaded and this should be treated as an error.
> is there any other possibilities to treat some reply status as error in
> a request based benchmark?
> thanks.
> regards,
> kevin :-)
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