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ricardo figueiredo ricardoogrande at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 08:41:45 PST 2009


I have a doubt about --period=e
The Poisson's formula is this.
[image: f(k; \lambda)=\frac{\lambda^k e^{-\lambda}}{k!},\,\!]

   - *e* is the base of the natural logarithm (*e* = 2.71828...)
   - *k* is the number of occurrences of an event - the probability of which
   is given by the function
   - *k*! is the factorial of *k*
   - λ is a positive real number, equal to the expected number of
   occurrences that occur during the given interval. For instance, if the
   events occur on average 4 times per minute, and you are interested in the
   number of events occurring in a 10 minute interval, you would use as your
   model a Poisson distribution with λ = 10×4 = 40.

I would like to know which value is used to constant K ???

For example,

#httperf --server www --period e0.1

e0.1 means value of lambda.

What K's value ???
Thank you

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