[httperf] Query regarding the timeout option

Sharad Ganapathy sharadgana at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 23:56:26 PDT 2009

Hello ,

I have a query regarding the timeout option in httperf.  Is the timeout
option -global , in the sense I would like to complete the call within 250
ms , so should I specify the timeout as 0.250 or 0.06 .

The doubt arises after I read the manual

"         Specifies  the  amount of time X that httperf is willing to wait
              for a server reaction.  The timeout is specified in seconds
              can  be a fractional number (e.g., --timeout 3.5).

  Doubt arises here

              This timeout
              value is used when establishing a TCP connection, when sending
              request,  when  waiting for a reply, and when receiving a
              If during any of those activities a request fails to  make
              ward  progress  within  the  alloted time, httperf considers
              request to have died, closes the associated connection  or
              sion  and  increases  the  client-timo  error count.

Does this mean the timeout value is used for each of the sections . Eg : 250
ms for establishing a connection, 250 ms for sending a request , 250 ms for
recieving a response etc.

Please help in clarifying the doubt


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