[httperf] Query regarding the timeout option

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Hi Sharad

I believe your second interpretation is correct, and that you will need to specify a timeout of 0.0625 to ensure that all four stages complete within 250ms (this assumes you are only issuing one call per connection).  If you are issuing multiple calls per connection, you will need to adjust your timeout value accordingly.



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Hello ,

I have a query regarding the timeout option in httperf.  Is the timeout option -global , in the sense I would like to complete the call within 250 ms , so should I specify the timeout as 0.250 or 0.06 .

The doubt arises after I read the manual

"         Specifies  the  amount of time X that httperf is willing to wait
              for a server reaction.  The timeout is specified in seconds  and
              can  be a fractional number (e.g., --timeout 3.5).

  Doubt arises here

              This timeout
              value is used when establishing a TCP connection, when sending a
              request,  when  waiting for a reply, and when receiving a reply.
              If during any of those activities a request fails to  make  for-
              ward  progress  within  the  alloted time, httperf considers the
              request to have died, closes the associated connection  or  ses-
              sion  and  increases  the  client-timo  error count.

Does this mean the timeout value is used for each of the sections . Eg : 250 ms for establishing a connection, 250 ms for sending a request , 250 ms for recieving a response etc.

Please help in clarifying the doubt


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