[httperf] Doubts about parameter rate

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Hi Ricardo

It is difficult to know what the specific problem is without seeing all of the httperf output, or knowing anything about your test environment.  It is possible that your server, your network or your client cannot handle the rate.  Httperf can certainly handle that rate if the test environment can.


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My doubt's about parameter rate (--rate).
When I ran the follow commnad:

httperf --server www --ur /test.php --num-conns 10000 --rate 1500

I obtain the follow result:

Request rate: 96.0 req/s (10.4 ms/req)
Request size [B]: 66.0

Why is request rate 96 req/s in the result??
In command line I defined 1500 req/s.
Doesn't httperf execute the rate of 1500req/s during test ???

Thank you

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