RE: [httperf] How to solve connreset?‏

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Hi Cooky

The connection resets are occurring because httperf is trying to reuse the TCP connections, but your Web server is closing them after each (initial) HTTP transaction. If you can configure your Web server to support persistent connections, then the connection reset problem should go away. The alternative is to patch httperf to properly recognize that the server has closed its half of the TCP connection.


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Hi Martin

I've attatched httperf output file. In my test has only one Client( and one Server( I used rate =3 test for 4 minutes.
Obviously, when I increase rate or duration time for test, connreset'll increase too.

I used "tcpdump host and tcp" in the server to capture all packets. I might misunderstand that output well, so I've attached some tcpdump output (first 10s) for sure.

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