[httperf] RE: httperf (concurrent) max-connections possible ?

Arlitt, Martin martin.arlitt at hp.com
Thu Oct 7 11:59:17 PDT 2010

Hi David

Do you mean how many connections can it open and use, or what rate of connections can it open/use/close?

For the latter I've sustained rates of about 10,000 per second (per client). I had to recycle TIME_WAIT to do that (otherwise the client will quickly run out of ports). More information is available in the following paper:

M. Arlitt and C. Williamson, "Understanding Web server configuration issues", Software Practice and Experience, Vol. 34, pp. 163-186, 2004.

If you don't want to recycle TIME_WAIT, you can calculate the rate that can be sustained.


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Is there any performance data concerning how many concurrent TCP connections httperf can sustain ?
Of course this depends on HW platform, OS, etc.

Any relevant data would be greatly appreciated.


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