[httperf] Sending binary payload using httperf

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Hi Dinesh

I'm not overly familiar with protobuf, so I can only speak in general terms. Take a look at the existing option that most closely resembles the functionality that you want. Look through the source code to see how it is implemented, and note what it assumes about the formatting. Then either extend that option (if only minor changes are needed), or create a new option that provides what you need. At least, that is how I would go about it.

I am not familiar with other tools, so I cannot say which other tool might exist that already offers this capability.


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Can you give me some directions as to what kind of changes should I make ? Is there any other benchmarking tool (other than ab) which can help me ?
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Hi Dinesh

I think it would require some modifications to get httperf to send protobufs.


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Hi, I want to send a protobuf using httperf to my server. Can httperf read the content from a file. I see this option only in case of wsesslog, but protobuf encoded string has newlines and other special characters. I want to simulate ab -k -c -n -T -p type of behaviour using httperf. Can I do this for request oriented workloads


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