[httperf] RE: HTTP PUT with 50 KB file

Arlitt, Martin martin.arlitt at hp.com
Fri May 13 12:40:06 PDT 2011

Hi Aron

I took a very quick look at the source code, I think the issue is a static buffer is used to hold the content. If that is the case, then a quick fix would be to change (in the parse_config() function in src/gen/wsesslog.c):

char contents[10000];


char contents[100000];

(or another value that will be larger than any content you'd like to POST).

If this is indeed the root cause, then a proper fix would be needed in the source code.


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Using httperf, I am attempting to execute an HTTP PUT to a web server for 50 KB of data.  I am using the httperf command as shown below referencing the file 'httperfPut_50KB_asciiRandom.txt' which contains 50 KB of data in the 'contents' section.  However, httpperf does not send all the 50 KB of data with a single PUT and subsequent continuation packets.  Instead, httperf sends a single HTTP PUT with a content length of 9943 bytes and 4 subsequent continuation packets transmitting a total of about 10 KB of the data, and then executes HTTP GET's for the rest of the info specified in the 'contents' field from the 'httperfPut_50KB_asciiRandom.txt' file.  Is there a maximum number of bytes that can be transmitted by httperf with a PUT. I tried increasing the send buffer but this did not help.  Any insight would be much appreciated.

/share/tools/bin/httperf --server=myserver.example.com --uri=/myFile.txt --method=PUT --port=8080 --wsesslog=1,0,httperfPut_50KB_asciiRandom.txt --print-reply

The httperfPut_50KB_asciiRandom.txt file is formatted as follows with 50 KB of data in the contents field (all information is on the same line):

/myFile.txt method=PUT contents="c6120z2zhzhi22qhqnu6z34rhnsvazciojnd53gv6nrca9v9c9u3rld587kdyaitk0jc5xd9aymg4c3uds4e7aznl7zayxc4qtgp9vlcu0yhgj69r9owap71tc

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