[httperf] [PATCH] Support for multiple Virtualhosts

Xabier de Zuazo xabier at zuazo.org
Thu Feb 23 06:10:04 PST 2012


I have attached a simple patch to make httperf work with multiple
Virtualhosts. It sends different "Host" headers, but to the same
machine (as always, specified by the --server option).

It only works with the --wlog flag, optionally prepending
https://myvirtualhost to the URIs in the file.

These are the instructions for applying the patch:

$ tar xzf httperf-0.9.0.tar.gz 
$ patch -p0 < httperf-0.9.0-multihost.patch 
patching file httperf-0.9.0/man/httperf.1
patching file httperf-0.9.0/src/call.h
patching file httperf-0.9.0/src/gen/uri_wlog.c


Xabier de Zuazo
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