[httperf] Strange behavior of the httperf

Aleksandr Vinokurov aleksandr.vin at gmail.com
Sun May 20 06:07:20 PDT 2012

Hello all,

I'm measuring the req/s for the Webmachine -- an Erlang web server,
basically I just want to start with measures of vanilla Webmachine, and
move further after I settle the testing method.

I start a basic hello-world Webmachine app on a 8 core server and run
httperf (build with FD_SETSIZE 65535 --
https://gom-jabbar.org/articles/2009/02/04/httperf-and-file-descriptors )
with options like this:

httperf --verbose --hog --timeout=1 --client=0/1 --server=srv2-4pd-spgl04
--port=9080 --uri=/hello/world --rate=10000 --send-buffer=4096
--recv-buffer=16384 --num-conns=10000 --num-calls=1

The result for this task shows about 5700 req/sec and 1.74 s for test.

Then I try to run a times 10 connections with this options:

httperf --verbose --hog --timeout=1 --client=0/1 --server=srv2-4pd-spgl04
--port=9080 --uri=/hello/world --rate=10000 --send-buffer=4096
--recv-buffer=16384 --num-conns=10000*0* --num-calls=1

And then I see a short growth of erl CPU usage and then saturation to the
1-2% while httperf flies to 100% (of one core) and keep running for long,
until killed by me.

Does anybody saw such operation of the httperf and can describe me the case
of the problem?

Александр Винокуров
+7 (921) 982-21-43
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