[httperf] problem with request number

Chris Wilson chris at aptivate.org
Tue Nov 20 05:07:53 PST 2012

Hi Fane,

> thank you for the answer, but : "Total: connections 300 requests 246524 
> replies 246318 test-duration 27.424 s"
> "Errors: total 206 client-timo 0 socket-timo 0 connrefused 0 connreset 
> 206"
> the errors are 206 , they correspond to the failed replies (infact 
> 246318+206= 246524) but i want that httperf server send all the 300000 
> requests .

Just to be clear, after the server resets the connection, httperf cannot 
send any more requests down the same connection. That's pretty much the 
definition of "connection reset by peer". So httperf cannot complete what 
you asked it to by definition.

Regarding "requests 246524 replies 246318" and "errors 206", the reason 
that they add up is that httperf made 246524 requests, 246318 of those 
were successfully answered by the server and in the other 206 cases the 
server reset the connection instead of sending a reply.

If you can't stop the server from resetting the connection, you will have 
to reduce the number of requests per connection to 1 if you insist on 
sending all 300,000 requests to the server.

Cheers, Chris.
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