[httperf] httperf: connection failed with unexpected error 0 & low performance

Vikash Kumar vikash.kumar at oneconvergence.com
Fri Oct 19 05:57:04 PDT 2012

Hi all,

  I am getting this error " httperf: connection failed with unexpected
error 0 " while doing httperf test. I am using haproxy as load balancer and
lighttpd as my server. My requested data file size is 1kb.

   My demanded connection rate is: 10000 conn/sec.
   achieved connection rate is :        10010.3 conn/sec
   achived request rate is :              413.3.req/sec
   reply rate is:                              332 replies/sec

  Why I am getting such a small no. of reply rate and request rate?
  What does the httperf error 0 mean?
  I am using using 8-core intel m/c with 2.7GHz for my haproxy host.

  One thing more I am using openvswitch 1.4.0 on my host.

  Any help??

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