[httperf] Fw: SSL session re-use across multiple TCP connections

Arvind Mani marvind434 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 13:16:14 PDT 2013


We have been unable to get SSL session re-use to work across multiple TCP connections. In the example below we open 10 TCP connections and send 3 HTTP requests/connection and we saw 10 full SSL handshakes instead of < 10 full SSL handshake (best case would 1 full and 9 session resumption)

httperf --num-calls=3 --num-conns=10 --period=1 --server=www.mywebserver.com --ssl --uri=/foo

The webserver is behind a hardware load balancer that terminates the SSL connection. We have confirmed that SSL session reuse works across multiple TCP connections to load balancer by using openssl s_client command.

Have any of gotten SSL session reuse to work across multiple TCP connections with httperf? 


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