[httperf] intermittent segmentation violation errors at httperf startup

Freeman, Bill wifreema at akamai.com
Tue Feb 12 15:57:11 PST 2013

I am running multiple instances of httperf on single machine.  Intermittently I am encountering "child killed: segmentation violation" when starting 20 httperf instances.

On one machine I am launching
10x httperf --server= --wsesslog=50,2,/home/logs/httperfFile_audio_android23_64000 --rate=10 --recv-buffer 2048000 --timeout 5
10x httperf --server= --wsesslog=50,2,/home/logs/httperfFile_video_android23_2436000 --rate=10 --recv-buffer 2048000 --timeout 5

httperfFile_audio_android23_64000 has 299 unique URLs
httperfFile_video_android23_2436000 has 299 unique URLs

The URL files incrementing start at Fragment0 and increment Fragment values:

This problem is intermittent…  I can run one pass of 20 httperf instances without any problems, then every 3rd of 4th run of the same test group results in 2-3 httperf start failures due to the segmentation violation.

This is being run on a system with 12GB Memory, 16 core 2.93GHz machine with a 10GB nic

Any experiences with 'segmentation violation' errors that may help.
Thank You Bill Freeman
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