[httperf] output - num-calls and num-conns difference

neubyr neubyr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 23:42:16 PST 2014

When I run httperf with following options, the output is easy to understand.

Options: Make total 10 connections (num-conns) at rate of 10 (rate)
connections/second with 2 request calls per connection (num-calls).
Output: 10 connections with 20 request calls

    httperf -v --server www.example.com --wlog=n,$HOME/tmp/reqs.txt_httperf
--rate=10 --num-conns=10 --num-calls=2 --hog
    Total: connections 10 requests 20 replies 10 test-duration 1.575 s

However, when I use following options, httperf output, output is confusing.
Options: Make total 4 connections (num-conns) at rate of 10 (rate)
connections/second with 6 request calls per connection (num-calls).

    httperf -v --server www.example.com --wlog=n,$HOME/tmp/reqs.txt_httperf
--rate=10 --num-conns=4 --num-calls=6 --hog
    Total: connections 4 requests 8 replies 4 test-duration 0.455 s

It seems like when num-calls is greater than num-conns, number of requests
made are 2*num-conns.

I am not following why num-calls be greater than num-conns. Am I missing

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