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table of contents - Volume 4 Number 4

Alpha AXP Architecture
by Richard L. Sites
A 200-MHz 64-bit Dual-Issue CMOS Microprocessor
by Daniel W. Dobberpuhl, Richard T. Witek, Randy Allmon, Robert Anglin, David Bertucci, Sharon Britton, Linda Chao, Robert A. Conrad, Daniel E. Dever, Bruce Gieseke, Soha M.N. Hassoun, Gregory W. Hoeppner, Kathryn Kuchler, Maureen Ladd, Burton M. Leary, Liam Madden, Edward J. McLellan, Derrick R. Meyer, James Montanaro, Donald A. Priore, Vidya Rajagopalan, Sridhar Samudrala, and Sribalan Santhanam
The Alpha Demonstration Unit: A High-performance Multiprocessor for Software and Chip Development
by Charles P. Thacker, David G. Conroy, Lawrence C. Stewart
The Design of the DEC 3000 AXP Systems, Two High-performance Workstations
by Todd A. Dutton, Daniel Eiref, Hugh R. Kurth, James J. Reisert, and Robin L. Stewart
Design and Performance of the DEC 4000 AXP Departmental Server Computing Systems
by Barry A. Maskas, Stephen F. Shirron, and Nicholas A. Warchol
Technical Description of the DEC 7000 and DEC 10000 AXP Family
by Brian R. Allison and Catharine van Ingen
Porting OpenVMS From VAX to Alpha AXP
by Nancy P. Kronenberg, Thomas R. Benson, Wayne M. Cardoza, Ravindran Jagannathan, and Benjamin J. Thomas III
The GEM Optimizing Compiler System
by David S. Blickstein, Peter W. Craig, Caroline S. Davidson, R. Neil Faiman, Jr., Kent D. Glossop, Richard B. Grove, Steven O. Hobbs, and William B. Noyce
Binary Translation
by Richard L. Sites, Anton Chernoff, Matthew B. Kirk, Maurice P. Marks, and Scott G. Robinson
Porting Digital's Database Management Products to the Alpha AXP Platform
by Jeffrey A. Coffler, Zia Mohamed, and Peter M. Spiro
DECnet for OpenVMS AXP: A Case History
by James V. Colombo, Pamela J. Rickard, and Paul Benoit
Using Simulation to Develop and Port Software
by George A. Darcy III, Ronald F. Brender, Stephen J. Morris, Michael V. Iles
Enrollment Management, Managing the Alpha AXP Program
by Peter F. Conklin

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