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» Bob Rau Dies: Pioneer in Field of VLIW Computing
December 17, 2002
Bob Rau, an HP Fellow, died recently at his home in Los Altos, Calif., after a year-long struggle with cancer. Rau, 51, was widely recognized as an expert in the field of VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) computing, which is the basis of today's Itanium processor family. Itanium was a joint development effort by HP and Intel.

» Profile: John Wilkes - Inventing the Storage Utility
December 2002
Pilot, potter and gothic architecture enthusiast, this HP Fellow is working to make data more accessible and reliable.

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» Molecular Electronics Team a Scientific Melting Pot
November 2002
One scientist was an organizer of the pro-democracy movement in China. Another, a refugee from Communist Vietnam. The group's chemist once worked in the Alaskan oil fields. The team is one of HP Labs' most diverse -- and also one of its most successful. Researchers recently distinguished themselves by creating the highest-density electronically addressable memory known to date, a 64-bit memory that uses molecules as switches.

» HP Recognized by Industry Week Magazine for Molecular Electronics
November 13, 2002
HP was named a winner in IndustryWeek's 10th annual Technology and Innovation Awards program. The magazine selected HP Labs' achievements in molecular electronics as one of the seven Technologies of the Year for 2002.

» HP Receives Another Key Molecular Electronics Patent
November 12, 2002
Continuing its groundbreaking efforts in the emerging field of nanotechnology, HP today announced it has received a key U.S. patent that helps consolidate and strengthen its growing portfolio of inventions in molecular electronics.

» HP Molecular Electronics Researchers Honored by Scientific American
November 11, 2002
A team of molecular electronics researchers at HP has been named by Scientific American magazine as one of the Scientific American 50 -- the noted magazine's first list recognizing scientific and technological contributions from the past year that provide a vision of a better future.

» Researcher John Wilkes Named ACM Fellow
November 2002
Less than two months after being honored as an HP Fellow, storage systems expert John Wilkes has received the additional distinction of Fellow from the ACM.

» Book Explores Latest Trends in Integrated Circuit Technology
October 2002
In the third edition of their essential text, Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits, Ted Kamins of HP Labs and his co-authors explore recent developments in Integrated Circuit technology and the underlying physics of modern electronic devices.

» Storage Systems Expert is Newest HP Fellow
September 2002
John Wilkes, a researcher known for his contributions to the understanding of computer storage systems, has been named an HP Fellow, the ninth HP Labs scientist to earn this honor.

» Invention : The Combined Strengths of HP Labs
and Compaq Research

September 2002
Long before HP merged with Compaq, their research labs were well acquainted -- as rivals. Researchers in the two companies had blazed technology trails in enabling faster, more economical computers via RISC architecture and developing advanced handheld and wireless devices, and they'd raced to reach such milestones as connecting to the ARPAnet, the precursor to the Internet.

» Building trust into the system
August 2002
Researchers publish the first book about the importance of trusted computers and how they will help to protect the privacy of anyone who uses the World Wide Web.

» Steven Simske: just what the doctor ordered
August 2002

Detecting breast cancer, building a better hip implant and putting mice into space -- it's all in a day's work for this researcher.

» HP Sponsors IEEE Bioinformatics Conference
August 2002

More than 103 papers from around the globe have been submitted to the IEEE Computer Society Bioinformatics Conference, set for August 14-16 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

» In The Genes: Family Hobby Bears Scientific Fruit
July 2002

When University of Chicago biologist Michele Markstein was looking for a computer scientist to help with her PhD, she didn't have to search far. Both her father, a researcher at HP Labs, and her mother, a computer consultant, fit the bill nicely. In the end, the family wound up developing software that could dramatically speed bioinformatics research.

» Institute for Women and Technology moves to HP Labs
July 2002

The Institute for Women and Technology, a research, development, advocacy and action organization, moved into a new home at Hewlett-Packard Labs, leaving the Palo Alto Research Center (formerly Xerox PARC).

» Researcher wins imaging society's highest honor
July 2002

The Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) has recognized HP Labs researcher Rodney Shaw with an Honorary membership for his "fundamental contributions in pioneering or inventing many of the critical quantitative avenues within the field of imaging science."

» Encryption for the People
July 2002

A new encryption technology developed by HP Labs provides the kind of Internet security previously reserved for large businesses to individuals and small businesses. The technology was featured at the prestigious Royal Society science show in London.

» A Model Solution: Lab Team's Software Can Prevent Costly IT Project Failures
June 2002

Researchers are developing methods of modeling IT systems -- before they are built -- that allow the implications of any changes in the business, the IT architecture or its management to be explored before disaster strikes.

» Team wins Best Student Paper at USENIX
June 2002

The Advanced Computing Systems Association (USENIX) selected a paper written by an HP Labs team as "best student paper" at its annual technical conference this month. The paper describes a new technique for measuring performance characteristics of Internet services.

» Gene Genie
June 2002

The next version of hpDJ, HP Labs' experimental dance-mix system, will be able to create new music by 'breeding' new tracks from successful sound genes.

» Researchers Find Security Hole in KaZaA Multimedia File-Sharing Service
June 2002

A flaw in the user interface of KaZaA, the popular Internet multimedia file-sharing service, poses a serious threat to user privacy, according to a recent study published by a researcher at HP Labs.

» Using Inkjet Technology to Cool Computer Chips
May 2002

HP has found a revolutionary new use for its classic inkjet technology: cooling microprocessors. A team from HP Labs attacking the growing problem of heat generation in powerful microprocessors determined that HP's inkjet heads could be used to target spray cooling for chips.

» HP and MIT to Advance Wireless Networking
May 2002
HP Labs and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are collaborating to revolutionize the design of wireless networks and the mobile appliances that use them.

» Researcher Named One of World's Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT's Technology Review Magazine
May 2002

Susie Wee, research and development manager for HP Labs' Streaming Media Systems project, has been chosen as one of the world's 100 top young innovators by Technology Review, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Magazine of Innovation.

» ACM Honors Designer of Customized Computer Chips
May 2002

The ACM and the IEEEE Computer Society will jointly present the prestigious Eckert-Mauchly Award to Dr. B. Ramakrishna (Bob) Rau of HP Labs for his pioneering contributions to instruction-level parallel processors and compilers that use the VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) style of architecture.

» From Theory to Practice
May 2002
At HP, the work of information theory researchers has touched everything from computer memories to tape drives to printers. HP Labs researchers played a key role in creating compression standards that allow people to manipulate, store and transmit images efficiently.

» Translations in Hand
April 2002
Pocket-sized computer scans, captures and translates text without accessing a server.

» Researcher named SPIE Fellow for achievements in electronic imaging
April 2002
Giordano Beretta, an HP Labs researcher since 1984, has been named a 2002 Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).

» Bill Holland: Picturing the Future
March 2002
Early work in special effects won Bill Holland a technical Oscar and launched a career in imaging. He's now working on printer sensing technologies.

» HP Inaugaurates India Lab
February 2002
HP launched a research facility in India with a major technology symposium on what will also be the lab's mission: innovating for emerging markets.

» Srinivasan Ramani: Innovating for India
February 2002
Interview with Dr. Srinivasan Ramani, director of HP's new research laboratory in India, who has worked to bring the advantages of technology to India, including helping to bring the first Internet connection to India in the 1980s.

» MIT/Stanford forum to highlight HP nanoelectronics research
February 2002
The MIT/Stanford Venture Laboratory, a nonprofit group aimed at fostering entrepreneurial ventures, will host a forum on nanoelectronics that will feature HP Labs scientist Stan Williams and his groundbreaking work in this area.

» "Under the hood" with Linux for IA-64
February 2002
A new book by HP Labs researchers David Mosberger and Stéphane Eranian provides an authoritative guide to IA-64 Linux implementation.

» HP Rewrites DVD Technology
February 2002
How an HP Labs team invented the first rewritable DVDs compatible with standard players. The technology lets users record, erase and re-record video onto disks that can be played on any typical DVD player.

» The Zap Scan Experience: Changing How People Interact with Technology
January 2002
Researchers have developed new ways to use familiar technologies as part of their work to discover what makes technology products popular with consumers.

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