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» HP experiment in "idea markets" highlighted by Harvard Business School
December 2003
Idea markets can can improve forecasting, knowledge management and decision making, Harvard newsletter says. HP Labs and Caltech resesarchers established a market for sales projections.

» Energy-aware computing keynote
December 2003
In an invited talk at the Hitachi Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, researcher Chandrakant Patel describes his vision for reducing energy use in everything from chips to data centers.

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HP Labs joins global grid computing challenge
November 2003
HP Labs is taking part in a global Grid computing challenge set by the organisers of the SuperComputing 2003 conference by dedicating a 40-processor cluster to the venture.

» New memory device could offer smaller, simpler way to archive data
November 2003
Researchers at HP Labs and Princeton University have developed a combination of materials that could lead to cheap and super-compact electronic memory devices for archiving digital images or other data. A paper on the underlying science of the technology, entitled "A polymer/semiconductor write-once read-many-times memory," has been published in the British science journal Nature.

» An economy of IT
October 2003
The concept of adaptive, pay-as-you-go utility computing has generated tremendous enthusiam among businesses, but hurdles remain. These include determining how to measure usage and how to charge for it. A team at HP Labs are working toward an answer.

Write once, publish often
September 2003
A new tool allows documents to be designed once and automatically formatted to publish on the Web, email, PDAs or the printed page.

» HP Supports "Individualized Medicine" Initiative at Partners HealthCare
September 2003
HP will participate in a collaborative life science initiative with Partners HealthCare to accelerate genomics in research and clinical medicine. The multi-year, multi-million dollar sponsorship includes a research collaboration with Partners and HP's Cambridge Research Lab.

» HP Helps U.S. Clamp Down on Counterfeiting
September 2003
Counterfeiting used to be the domain of skilled criminals with expensive engraving and printing equipment. Not so today, thanks to technology advances that have dramatically reduced the cost and difficulty of reproducing realistic-looking fakes. That's why HP printing and imaging experts got together at officials' request to help clamp down on counterfeiting.

» "The Painter" is a brush with the future
September 2003
An animated film produced for HP Labs Bristol could be the first of many to use utility computing technologies, and Bristol, UK, could become a leading center for highly advanced digital media production.

» New book shows how to build better software systems faster
September 2003
A new book co-authored by HP Labs Researcher Sherif Yacoub aims to make it easier for anyone from developers to managers to build better software systems faster.

» Researcher Named One of World's Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT's Technology Review
September 2003
John Apostolopoulos, a senior research scientist in HP Labs' Streaming Media Systems project, has been named one of the world's top young innovators for his work to improve the fidelity and security of streaming video.

» New Books on Cryptography, Java Development
September 2003
Two HP Labs researchers have published new technical books, the first exploring the most widely used build tool for Java projects and the second, a guide to implementing strong security in real-world applications.

» DSpace: Preserving digital data for the ages
August 2003
Scholars poring over medieval manuscripts or ancient stone tablets can still read what scribes set down hundreds or even thousands of years ago. But today, we're generating billions of bits of digital data that could become obsolete and indecipherable within just a few years. A team at HP Labs is trying to put an end to "bit rot."

» HP Awarded Key Patent for Smart Cooling of Data Centers
August 2003
HP has been awarded a patent on the design for an "intelligent," energy-efficient data center that dynamically allocates cooling resources where and when they're needed most.

» Researchers Developing New Ways to Predict System Reliability
July 2003
Researchers are designing tools to better predict the reliability of supercomputers -- work that could eventually benefit HP’s enterprise customers running mission-critial applications.

» Paper on Using Inkjet Technology to Cool Chips Named Best at InterPACK '03
July 2003
A paper by HP Labs researchers on their groundbreaking microprocessor-cooling technique has been named "best paper" at the InterPACK '03, the world's premier conference on packaging microelectronics, photonics, and microwave and microelectromechanical systems.

» Internet Pioneer David Reed Joins HP Labs
July 2003
David Reed, who contributed significantly to the TCP/IP technology that underlies today's Internet and World Wide Web, will research network adaptivity and scalability at HP Labs.

» HP Joins PlanetLab as Major Research and Technology Backer
June 2003
HP has joined PlanetLab, a worldwide research consortium working on building an open, scalable, global network test-bed for pioneering next-generation Internet applications and services.

» VLIW Pioneer Wins Computer Architecture's Most Prestigious Award
June 2003
Josh Fisher, a Senior HP Fellow, will receive the prestigious Eckert-Mauchly Award his contributions to instruction-level processors (ILP) and compilers that use a style of architecture called VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word).

» Setting the Standard
May 2003
HP Labs is helping develop standards for using multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices. Researchers' work on MPEG 21 will allow people to communicate and collaborate online with devices of very different bandwidths and other characteristics.

» HP Using Its Own Data Center Technology for Cutting-Edge Research
May 2003
An adaptive IT infrastructure that dynamically allocates computing resources to meet changing needs. Now the lab is putting the data center to work as one of the most sophisticated research facilities around, a testbed for future utility computing work and other compute-intensive projects such as bioinformatics and quantum physics.

» Nanoscale Molecular-Switch Devices Fabricated by Imprint Lithography
April 2003
Molecular electronics offers the tantalizing prospect of eventually building circuits with critical dimensions of a few nanometers. Some basic devices utilizing molecules have been demonstrated, but major challenges remain.

» HP Labs Revives Out-of-print Titles for MIT Press' Print-on-demand Program
April 2003
Technology developed by HP Labs is enabling MIT Press to restore 1,750 out-of-print titles for inclusion in the Press' new print-on-demand program, called the MIT Classics Series.

» HP Labs Announces Research Collaboration with Top Telecommunications Institute
April 2003
HP Labs will pursue new wireless technologies as part of a research partnership with the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-IT²), one of the world's most prominent centers for wireless technology development.

» Book Recognized by IEEE
March 2003
Researcher Abigail Sellen and her co-author have won the IEEE Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering Engineering Professionalism for their book exploring why the paperless office has never come to be.

» Paper Named Best at FAST '03 Conference
March 2003
A paper by HP Labs researchers that discusses a new storage technology based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) has been selected as "best paper" at the 2nd USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST '03).

» Lighter-than-air Postal Service
March 2003
Some folks rely on interoffice mail. Some hand-deliver documents. Not HP Labs Researcher Josh Tyler. He uses a blimp.

» E-mail Logs as Tell-all?
March 2003
E-mail exchanges within organizations can reveal patterns of collaboration and leadership that aren't part of any formal organizational structure, according to recent research at HP Labs.

» New Nanoscience Institute Could Lead Innovation
February 2003
The California NanoSystems Institute should play the leading role in advancing nanoscale science and engineering, HP Fellow Stan Williams said at the institute's groundbreaking.

» Norm Jouppi: Face-to-face While Far Away
February 2003
Norm Jouppi, an HP Fellow, is developing technology that lets you "be" in two places at the same time. Imagine being in a meeting, seeing and hearing everyone there clearly and life-sized -- and yet being a thousand miles away in your office.

» Immune System for Computers Throttles Viruses
January 2003
Researchers who developed a benign response to attacks that radically slows down the spread of malicious viruses tested it against the SQL worm that wreaked havoc on the Internet. The result: it reduced the bug’s spread to a crawl in just two-tenths of a second.

» Sharing Pictures at a Virtual Coffee Table
January 2003
Researchers from have developed an experimental application called PicShare, which recreates the experience of sharing pictures, photograph albums and conversation at a distance.

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