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» HP researchers broaden access to location-based services
December 2004
Mobile Bristol toolkit will help user groups develop creative new services.

» HP Labs Director discusses the future of corporate research at Fortune conference
November 2004
Dick Lampman and other top executives from around the world explore business innovation.

» Lights! Camera! Compute!
November 2004
Animators put HP Labs' utility computing technologies to the test.

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» Up to the challenge: A conversation with HP Labs Director Dick Lampman
October 2004
Director talks about fostering innovation in a changing world.

» HP Labs @ MTV
October 2004
Researchers imagine the future of music, and more.

» Researchers show prototype of printed, plastic, color display designed to provide paper-like resolution
October 2004
HP Laboratories Bristol has developed a prototype of a flexible color display that is less expensive to manufacture than today’s flat panels.

» HP to Explore Expanded Research and Development Activity in Puerto Rico
September 2004
HP and the government of Puerto Rico announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore expanding HP's research and development presence on the island, with the possibility of establishing a new branch of HP Labs there.

» Entertaining research
September 2004
As HP collaborates ever more closely with the entertainment industry – with DreamWorks, Warner Brothers and others –the lab is expanding its staff and knowledge in an area it sees as crucial to its future success.

» Robert Tarjan: The art of the algorithm
September 2004
He's received such major national and international awards as the ACM Turing Award, known as the "Nobel Prize" of computing, the Nevanlinna Prize and most recently, the Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics and Computer Science. In this Q&A, HP Labs talks with Tarjan about creating an elegant algorithm, how he solves difficult problems, his views on the future of technology and more.

» Digital imaging group awards gold medal to "remarkable" HP camera  
September 2004
The Digital Imaging Websites Association selected HP's new Photosmart R707 camera as its top-ranked compact amateur digital camera. The group cited several innovations from HP Labs, including including in-camera red-eye removal and panorama preview.

» HP security expert Joe Pato heads influential biometrics investigation
September 2004
Joe Pato, a Distinguished Scientist at HP Labs, will chair an advisory committee to the U.S. government to provide a comprehensive assessment of biometrics and the role of government in its development.

» Putting spam in the slow lane
September 2004
HP Labs has developed an experimental system that can reduce delays to legitimate email – delays caused by an ever mounting volume of spam and junk messages – by giving good mail priority over bad.

» Quantum leap
August 2004
HP Labs scientists are exploring molecular-scale electronics in a quest to create faster, smaller and less expensive integrated circuits. Researchers have harnessed a chemical reaction that shuttles electrons back and forth between atoms — permitting molecular-size wire junctions to behave like electronic switches, storing data or performing logical functions.

» Pervasive mobile media project on magazine's "short list" for innovation prize
August 2004
Mobile Bristol, a research project at HP Labs in Bristol (UK) is one of three projects in the running for a key innovation prize awarded by Computing magazine, one of the most authoritative IT publications in Europe.

» A decade of invention at HP Labs Israel
August 2004
HP Labs Israel, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, is home to some of HP Labs' most prolific inventors. The team has made key contributions to nearly all of HP's digital cameras and scanners and to most of the company's printers.

» HP Labs scientist honored for technical achievement by Hispanic engineers' group
August 2004
Cipriano (Pano) Santos, a senior scientist in operations research at HP Labs, has been selected
for this year's outstanding technical achievement award by the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC).

» Looking for trouble
July 2004
Using network-monitoring technology and sophisticated algorithms, HP researchers are attempting to trace the path of a request as it travels through the maze of software that constitutes many IT networks. The technique may reduce finger-pointing on multivendor IT projects and yield better performance for applications.

» An ounce of prevention
June 2004
What might it mean for science and medicine if researchers could analyze biotechnical data faster and more accurately? What if you could monitor your vital signs round-the-clock, giving your physician an up-to-the-minute portrait of your body’s workings instead of the snapshot provided at your yearly physicals? Those are just two of the scenarios that could result from the latest research being conducted at HP Labs.

» Creating a more agile future
June 2004
Mathematical modeling research being conducted at HP Labs Bristol could help businesses more accurately determine IT needs. Researcher Chris Tofts will describe this work at a major European conference on adaptive IT.

» Decade-old paper among the most influential
June 2004
HP Labs Scientist Hans Boehm has been honored by the ACM's Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (ACM SIGPLAN) for a 10-year-old research paper deemed to be one of the most influential of the decade.

» Beyond film: New digital cameras fix flaws without a PC
June 2004
When digital cameras were first introduced, camera makers strove just to match the resolution and image quality of traditional film cameras. Now, thanks in part to research from HP Labs, HP's newest digital cameras have capabilities film photographers only dream about.

» HP Senior Fellow wins Blaise Pascal Medal
June 2004
Renowned computer scientist Robert E. Tarjan has been named winner of the 2004 Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics and Computer Science for his contributions to computer science and for the development of fundamental computer algorithms.

» RedBot zaps red-eye in a snap
June 2004
Users can submit any digital photo to RedBot for free online red-eye correction. RedBot is an experimental tool developed by HP Labs Researcher Robert Ulichney.

» Researchers in residence
May 2004
HP Labs' Researcher in Residence program, now in its third year, offers MIT graduate students an intensive two-week stay at the lab, where they work alongside HP researchers exploring problems in streaming media.

» HP Labs' mobile technology demos May 15-16 at WIRED NextFest
May 2004
HP Labs will demonstrate three mobile wireless technologies at NextFest, a "mini World's Fair" in San Francisco hosted by WIRED magazine and GE to demonstrate unique inventions from around the world.

» Technologies designed for life
May 2004
Robot football teams, electronic dancing dogs and tag game with a city as its arena. All this and much more will be featured at the second International Conference on Appliance Design (2AD) hosted and co-sponsored again by HP Labs Bristol (UK).

» Sensing and sensibility: Taking RFID to the next level
May 2004
Researchers are combining the object-tracking abilities of RFID with sensors that capture video images, determine location or measure environmental factors like temperature or humidity into a powerful infrastructure they call Sentient Environments. The goal: to allow businesses to track items continuously, securely and wirelessly.

» In Science: Combating the virus menace
April 2004
in the 23 April issue of the journal Science, HP Labs researcher Matt Williamson and others look at strategies that could reduce the damage caused by cyber attacks.

» Robots ready to take on the markets?
April 2004
Software robot traders working in their own computer-designed online exchange markets would be better at making a profit than human traders currently working in international exchanges, says researcher Dave Cliff.

» HP Labs goes Hollywood
April 2004
Ogres, princesses and fairy godmothers aren’t the usual fare for scientists at HP Labs. But thanks to a unique partnership between HP and DreamWorks, researchers got to play a part in the soon-to-be-released film, "Shrek 2."

» Wifi voyage
April 2004
HP Labs turned Bristol (UK) history into a "virtual experience" as part of the Mobile Bristol project, a test bed for technology and user research in mobility and future mobile services.

» Close-up on color printing
April 2004
Industry pioneer John Meyer talks about how HP Labs helped engineer a radical transformation in color printing technology.

» Revealing Hidden Details
March 2004
An advanced 3D imaging technology developed in HP Labs is being used to shed new light on everything from police evidence to plant fossils. Using 3D images and variable lighting, Polynomial Texture Mapping lets users see objects in ways never before possible.

» Photographic memories: Always-on camera captures life's fleeting moments
March 2004
Researchers exploring the role cameras should play in our lives in the future have developed an experimental, wearable camera that records everything we see.

» New weapons against IT security threats
February 2004
HP is developing corporate "immune systems" aimed at helping businesses prevent and defend against growing security threats. The services, being tested with selected customers, combat computer worms and viruses.

» HP releases new version of leading Semantic Web developers' toolkit
February 2004
HP has released a new version of Jena, its open source Semantic Web toolkit used by enterprises and people around the world to create applications that share, process and integrate information across the World Wide Web.

» HP Labs Founding Director Barney Oliver to be Inducted Into National Inventors Hall of Fame
February 2004
Barney Oliver, founding director of HP Labs and pioneering applied scientist, is to be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. During Oliver's 29 years with the company (1952-1981), HP established itself as an icon of excellence in research and development and shaped the face of business in what became known as Silicon Valley.

» HP Labs Releases SmartFrog Framework
February 2004
HP Labs is pleased to announce the immediate, open source release of the SmartFrog framework. SmartFrog is a technology for describing distributed software systems as collections of cooperating components, and then deploying and managing them.

» HP Showcases Efforts to Bridge “Digital Divide” at UN Summit
February 2004
HP put a spotlight on its work creating technologies for emerging economies at a recent United Nations meeting aimed at bringing the Internet and telecommunications innovations to the world's poor.

» HP Collaborates with University at Buffalo to Advance Computational Research
February 2004
HP has joined forces with the University at Buffalo, State University of New York (UB), to power the university's world-class Center for Computational Research. As a foundation for bioinformatics and life sciences research, HP and UB are building an open storage area network with the capacity to house roughly four times the information found in the Library of Congress.

» Scientists grow, connect nanowires in place
January 2004
Scientists at HP Labs have devised a method of growing and connecting semiconductor nanowires in place, which could eventually lead the way to more effective sensors for detecting toxic gases and other chemical or biological substances.

» HP Becomes First Commercial Member of CERN Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid
January 2004
HP will support an operational grid for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. The collidor is the world's largest scientific instrument, enabling research into the fundamental nature of matter.

» HP on Mars
January 2004
An HP Labs image-compression algorithm is partly to thank for some of the spectacular, high-resolution images of Mars transmitted by NASA's roving spacecraft. The Labs method is used when images must be transmitted without quality loss.

» HP and MIT: Redefining industrial-academic research
January 2004
A long-term commitment, good chemistry and plenty of flexibility have made this partnership prosper. The research agenda currently ranges from wireless networking to quantum computing to the groundbreaking DSpace digital library system.

» Researchers edit IEEE Bulletin on making the Semantic Web real
January 2004
Teams at HP contributing to W3C efforts to develop standards and tools for the Semantic Web, also working to move Semantic Web technologies from the research domain into practical, scalable and robust applications for HP.

» HP Announces Intellectual Property Licensing Group to Leverage Growing Patent Portfolio
January 2004
HP has formed an intellectual property (IP) licensing organization designed to increase revenue and improve technical collaborations with partners. The company also announced that it jumped to No. 5 on list of top U.S. patent recipients, up from No. 9 last year.

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