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HP Labs technical reports

Beitelmal, Monem H.; Patel, Chandrakant D., "Model-Based Approach for Optimizing a Data Center Centralized Cooling System," HPL-2006-67

Patel, Chandrakant D.; Sharma, Ratnesh K., Bash, Cullen E.; Beitelmal, M., "Energy Flow in the Information Technology Stack: Introducing the Coefficient of the Ensemble at its Impact on Total Cost of Ownership," HPL-2006-55

Chen, Keke; Auslander, David M.; Bash, Cullen E.; Patel, Chandrakant D., "Local Temperature Control in Data Center Cooling: Part III, Application," HPL-2006-46

Chen, Keke; Auslander, David M.; Bash, Cullen E.; Patel, Chandrakant D., "Local Temperature Control in Data Center Cooling: Part II, Statistical Analysis," HPL-2006-43

Chen, Keke; Auslander, David M.; Bash, Cullen E.; Patel, Chandrakant D., "Local Temperature Control in Data Center Cooling: Part I, Statistical Analysis," HPL-2006-42

Patel, Chandrakant D.; Shah, Amip J., "Cost Model for Planning, Development and Operation of a Data Center," HPL-2005-107R1

Beitelmal, Monem H.; Patel, Chandrakant D., "Thermo-Fluids Provisioning of a High Performance High Density Data Center," HPL-2004-146(R.1)

Moore, Justin; Chase, Jeff; Farkas, Keith; Ranganathan, Partha, "A Sense of Place: Toward a Location-aware Information Plane for Data Centers," HPL-2004-27

Harter, Timothy; Vroegindeweij, Sander; Geelhoed, Erik; Manahan, Meera; Ranganathan, Partha, "The Potential for Energy-aware User Interfaces on Handheld Devices," HPL-2003-244

Mayo, Robert N.; Ranganathan, Parthasarathy, "Energy Consumption in Mobile Devices: Why Future Systems Need Requirements-Aware Energy Scale-Down," HPL-2003-167

AbouGhazaleh, Nevine; Mayo, Robert N.; Ranganathan, Parthasarathy, "Idle Time Power Management for Personal Wireless Devices," HPL-2003-102

Iyer, Subu; Luo, Lu; Mayo, Robert; Ranganathan, Parthasarathy, "Energy-Adaptive Display System Designs for Future Mobile Environments," HPL-2003-91

Sharma, Ratnesh K., Bash, Cullen E.; Patel, Chandrakant D.; Friedrich, Richard J.; Chase, Jeffrey S. 2003, "Balance of Power: Dynamic Thermal Management for Internet Data Centers," HPL-2003-5

Patel, Chandrakant; Sharma, Ratnesh; Bash, Cullen; Graupner, Sven, "Energy Aware Grid: Global Workload Placement based on Energy Efficiency," HPL-2002-329

Beitelmal, Monem H.; Patel, Chandrakant D., "Two-Phase Loop: Compact Thermosyphon," HPL-2002-6

Other publications

Boucher, T., Auslander, D., Bash, C.E., Federspiel, C., Patel, C.D., 2006, "Viability of Dynamic Cooling Control in a Data Center Environment," ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, EP-04-1163, 2006

Patel, C.D., Bash, C.E, Sharma, R.K., Beitelmal, A., Malone, C. G., 2005, "Smart Chip, System and Data Center enabled by Flexible Cooling Resources," IEEE Semitherm, San Jose, California

Justin Moore, Jeff Chase, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Ratnesh Sharma, 2005 "Making Scheduling Cool: Temperature-aware Resource Scheduling," Proceedings of the 2005 Annual Usenix Conference, April 2005

Patel, C.D., "Sustainability – A Key Market Driver of the Future Information Technology Industry," 2004, IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on Thermal Management, Palo Alto, California

Patel, C.D, Dec 2003, "A Vision of Energy Aware Computing from Chips to Data Centers," International Symposium on Micro-mechanical Engineering, ISMME, Hitachi Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, Tsuchiura, Japan

Shah, A., Carey, V., Bash, C.E, Patel, C.D. 2003, "Exergy Analysis of Data Center Thermal Management Systems," IMECE 2003, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exposition, Washington D.C.

Patel, C.D, Bash, C.E., Sharma, R., and Friedrich, R., 2003, "Smart Cooling of Data Centers," ASME Interpack 2003, Maui, Hawaii

Sharma, R.K., Bash C.E. and Patel, C.D., 2002, "Dimensionless Parameters for Design and Evaluation of Large Scale Data Centers" 8th AIAA/ASME Joint Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference, St.Louis, June 2002

Patel, Sharma, Bash and Beitelmal, 2002, "Thermal Considerations in Data Center Design," Itherm 2002, San Diego, California, USA

Friedrich, R., Patel, C.D., 2002, "Towards Planetary Scale Computing: Technical Challenges for Next Generation Internet," Millpress, Thermes, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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