Computer Systems Research at HP Labs

Ever wonder what computer systems researchers at HP Labs are publishing? Sure, you could look at the dozens of conferences and journals we publish papers in. Or you could get a quick sampling of recent HP Labs systems research from the recently-released, January 2009, issue of ACM's Operating Systems Review (OSR). This special issue of OSR is dedicated to showcasing the breadth and depth of computer systems research at HP Labs and includes eleven papers in four categories: Retrospectives on past research; research on Security and Trust; Research Approaches and Tools; and research on Information Management. The introduction and the eleven papers can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the links below:


Computer System Research at HP Labs
Jeffrey C. Mogul, Jay J. Wylie (HP Labs)


Traveling to Rome: a retrospective on the journey
John Wilkes (HP Labs)

The SmartFrog Configuration Management Framework
Patrick Goldsack, Julio Guijarro, Steve Loughran, Alistair Coles, Andrew Farrell, Antonio Lain, Paul Murray, Peter Toft (HP Labs)

The CHART System: A High-Performance, Fair Transport Architecture Based on Explicit-Rate Signaling
Jack Brassil, Rick McGeer, Raj Rajagopalan, Puneet Sharma, Praveen Yalagandula, Sujata Banerjee, David P. Reed, Sung-Ju Lee (HP Labs), Andy Bavier, Larry Peterson (Princeton University), Stephen Schwab (Sparta Inc.), Larry Roberts, Alex Henderson, Bob Khorram (Anagran Inc.), Shidong Zhang, Soonyang Sohn, Brian Mark (Geroge Mason University), Christian Heiter, John Spies, Nicki Watts (HP)

Security and Trust

Trusted Virtual Platforms: A Key Enabler for Converged Client Devices
Chris I. Dalton, David Plaquin, Wolfgang Weidner, Dirk Kuhlmann, Boris Balacheff, Richard Brown (HP Labs)

Providing Secure Services for a Virtual Infrastructure
Adrian Baldwin, Chris Dalton, Simon Shiu (HP Labs), Krzysztof Kostienko, Qasim Rajpoot (Birmingham University)

Research Approaches and Tools

COTson: Insfrastructure for Full System Simulation
Eduardo Argollo, Ayose Falcón, Paolo Faraboschi, Matteo Monchiero, Daniel Ortega (HP Labs)

What Does Control Theory Bring to Systems Research?
Xiaoyun Zhu, Mustafa Uysal, Zhikui Wang, Sharad Singhal, Arif Merchant (HP Labs), Pradeep Padala, Kang Shin (University of Michigan)

DataSeries: An Efficient, Flexible Data Format for Structured Serial Data
Eric Anderson, Martin Arlitt, Charles B. Morrey III, Alistair Veitch (HP Labs)

Information Management

Autograph: Automatically Extracting Workflow File Signatures
Anna Povzner (UC Santa Cruz), Kimberly Keeton, Arif Merchant, Charles B. Morrey III, Mustafa Uysal (HP Labs), Marcos K. Aguilera (Microsoft Research)

Efficient Detection of Large-Scale Redundancy in Enterprise File Systems
George Forman, Kave Eshghi, Jaap Suermondt (HP Labs)

Managing Operational Business Intelligence Workloads
Umeshwar Dayal, Harumi Kuno, Janet L. Weiner, Kevin Wilkinson (HP Labs), Archana Ganapathi (UC Berkeley), Stefan Krompass (Technische Universität München)