Umeshwar Dayal named ACM Fellow

Jan. 2009 -- Umeshwar Dayal, best known for his fundamental contributions to the field of data and information management, including the development of the basic techniques for managing federated and active databases, has been named a fellow of the ACM. The grade of Fellow is reserved for members who have made leadership contributions in the fields of computer science and information technology.

Dayal is an HP Fellow in the Intelligent Information Management Lab at HP Labs, where he currently leads a research program in operational business intelligence, which involves a range of research topics including robust, scalable and energy-efficient data management, automated mixed workload management, end-to-end optimization of data integration pipelines, scalable analytics, information visualization, and the integration of unstructured information into business intelligence.

Dayal has made significant contributions to the development of mechanisms for triggering transactions and database rules as well as query optimization strategies, especially in heterogeneous systems. In particular, Dayal has done important work in long-duration transactions and business process management.

Dayal has published over 170 research papers and holds over 25 patents. In 2001, he received (with two co-authors) the prestigious 10-year best paper award from the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases for his paper on a transactional model for long-running activities.

Prior to joining HP Labs in 1992, Dayal was a senior researcher at DEC’s Cambridge Research Lab, Chief Scientist at Xerox Advanced Information technology and Computer Corporation of America, and on the faculty at the University of Texas-Austin. He received his PhD from Harvard University. Dayal has served on the Editorial Board of four international journals. He has chaired and served on the Program Committees of numerous conferences. Most recently, he was General Program Chair of VLDB 2006. He has served as a member of the Board of the VLDB Endowment, the Executive Committee of the IEEE Technical Committee on Electronic Commerce, and the Steering Committee of the SIAM International Conference on Data Mining; and as a founding member of the Board of the International Foundation for Cooperative Information Systems.