Open Cirrus expands

Allowing researchers to more quickly realize the full potential of cloud computing

Palo Alto, Sep 27, 2010 -- The world’s largest test bed for cloud computing just got even bigger.

HP, Intel and Yahoo! Inc. today announced the addition of four new members to Open Cirrus™, the global, open source test bed dedicated to advancing cloud computing research.

The new members expand the global footprint of Open Cirrus to fourteen locations and create the most geographically diverse cloud computing test site currently available to researchers.

Open Cirrus Global Partners Map

Joining Open Cirrus are:

  • The China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) -- the R&D center for the world’s largest mobile phone operator
  • The Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA) – a global leader in high performance computing.
  • The Guangzhou Research Institute – the research arm of China Telecom Corporation, which owns the largest fixed-line network and CDMA2000 network in the world.
  • Georgia Tech University’s Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) – a center with expertise in energy-efficient cloud ecosystems, virtualization and systems management technologies.

Today’s announcement coincides with the 4th Open Cirrus Summit, hosted this year by Carnegie Melon University and Intel Labs Pittsburgh in cooperation with HP and Yahoo!

Open Cirrus was launched in July 2008 to promote collaboration on cloud computing research between industry, academia and governments. Its principal goal was to create a global, internet-scale environment within which researchers could test cloud computing applications and measure the performance of infrastructure and services built to run on large-scale cloud systems.

The test bed now has more than 80 research projects underway.

HP Labs researchers, for example, are using Open Cirrus to build a Cloud Sustainability Dashboard that can understand and evaluate the overall sustainability impact of cloud computing.

Other current Open Cirrus projects include collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and Intel that aims to advance stem cell research and an effort by Yahoo! to further develop Hadoop, the open source technology that serves as the foundation of many projects being run on Open Cirrus.

With the expansion of their research and testing community, Open Cirrus investigators worldwide will gain access to new approaches and skill sets that promise to help them more quickly realize the full potential of cloud computing. Each of the new sites will contribute new tools and best practices to the group, while also helping to benchmark and compare alternative approaches to infrastructure design and services management at the datacenter scale.