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  • December 2012 HP Labs at HP Discover Frankfurt 2012
    HP Labs participated in HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. Visitors at the event got to see demos in four of HP Labs' research areas: Intelligent Infrastructure, Cloud-ready Social Analytics, Immersive Operations Centers, and Enterprise Security.
  • December 2012 Future Cities -- two new HP Labs projects aim to improve the quality of urban life
    With the advent of cheap sensing technology, the rising cost of resources like water and electricity, and global population growth, HP Labs is looking to reinvent our urban infrastructure by creating a new generation of what are known as 'cyber-physical' systems.
  • November 2012 HP Fellow and HP Labs researcher Partha Ranganathan presented keynote at Server Design Summit
    In his presentation at the meeting in Santa Clara, California, Ranganathan tackled the challenges that the current explosion of big data presents in terms of our ability to manage this huge amount of digital information. He proposes new system designs, including low-power system-on-chip processors, non-volatile memories, and optical communications for large-scale cloud computing.
  • November 2012 HP Labs Senior Researcher Dejan Milojicic to head IEEE-CS in 2013
    Dejan Milojicic, a member of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors, founding editor in chief of Computing Now, and founding chair of Special Technical Communities, has been voted IEEE Computer Society 2013 president-elect.
  • November 2012 How to quantify a product or service based on the energy used over its lifetime
    In an op-ed piece published in the Environmental Leader, HP Labs Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer Chandrakant Patel advocates for the use of the unit of energy - the "Joule" - when it comes to accounting for the energy associated with the production, transportation, operation and reclamation of all products both physical and viritual.
  • October 2012 HP Labs India wins Wall Street Journal Asia Award
    HP VideoBook, a solution from HP Labs India that augments the book reading experience with videos, has won the Wall Street Journal Asia award for innovation in education technology. In the citation, the paper notes that "HP plans to offer the technology as either a Web-based service for students or a software download for employee training."
  • September 2012 Dynamic Defense - A new approach to cloud security, inspired by nature
    HP Labs is researching a technique that could identify security threats to enterprise computing before they get started. Taking ideas from biology, a team in HP's Cloud and Security Lab is creating 'forensic virtual machines' to spot signature elements of a novel threat without having to wait for the attack itself to begin.
  • September 2012 Federating the Cloud
    For the last two years, HP Labs researcher Paul Murray has led a team of fellow engineers from HP's Cloud and Security laboratory in addressing one of the hardest cloud computing problems of all: how to move from the world of large but mostly independent cloud networks to a system that allows all those networks to easily, safely, and automatically interconnect.
  • August 2012 A research perspective on gamification
    HP Fellow and prolific blogger Charlie Bess has been thinking about how our love of games could be further harnessed to improve our lives - and industrial research.
  • August 2012 HP Labs commits research funding to 46 universities worldwide
    Furthering its commitment to outside collaboration, HP Labs announced it is giving over $4 million in sponsored research awards as part of the fifth annual HP Labs Innovation Research Program (IRP).
  • July 2012 Computing with rich context
    Researchers in HP Labs China are expanding the frontiers of context-aware computing, which could help us make the most of the information presented to us in a wide variety of computing situations.
  • June 2012 New paper reflects light like 3D objects
    Researchers from HP Labs, UC Santa Cruz and 3M have just published a research paper describing their attempt to create a new kind of paper with tiny shapes so that the object on the paper would reflect light just like a real object.
  • June 2012 How to make your Twitter messages work
    According to a study co-authored by HP Senior Fellow Bernardo Huberman, Twitter posts are likely to be passed along by other users if they feature technology, celebrities or news from credible sources. HP is seeking a patent on the algorithm developed for the study.
  • June 2012 The sustainability agenda pervades the R&D effort at HP
    In a post for the UK Guardian's Sustainable Business blog, John Elkington describes a tour of the net-zero datacenter at HP Labs and finds that he "was struck by the way that the sustainability agenda is now increasingly part of the genetic make-up of the R&D effort, rather than a tack-on."
  • June 2012 HP Labs at HP Discover 2012
    HP Labs was a major presence at HP's Discover conference in Las Vegas. The 2012 event featured a 4,000 ft2 HP Labs Pavilion and a CIO Summit keynote address from interim Labs director and HP Senior Fellow Chandrakant Patel.
  • May 2012 HP Labs debuts architecture for a Net-Zero Energy Data Center
    HP unveiled research from HP Labs that illustrates the architecture for a data center that requires no net energy from traditional power grids.
  • May 2012 The Road to Immersive Communication
    A group of HP Labs researchers led my John Apostolopoulos, director of the Mobile and Immersive Experience Lab, and IEEE Fellows has just published an invited paper for the centennial year celebration of the proceedings of the IEEE. The paper is part of the special issue on "Frontiers of Audiovisual Communications: Convergence of Broadband, Computing and Rich Media."
  • May 2012 HP Labs defends public data
    In response to the refusal of three scientists from Google and the University of Cambridge to reveal the underlying data on a study they presented at a conference, HP's Bernardo A. Huberman, director of the social computing group at HP Labs, asserted that companies that refuse to make public such data threaten the integrity of the research. As well, Huberman said corporate control of research data could favor an elite group of scientists "at the expense of equally talented researchers whose only flaw is the lack of right 'connections' to private data."
  • May 2012 HP Labs' John Apostolopoulos gives closing keynote at HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai
    Apostolopoulos announced that the company is researching "nearly unbreakable" flexible display technologies that could result in significantly lighter notebook and tablet PCs, in addition to less expensive curved displays and wearable computing. Apostolopoulos said HP is developing low-powered memristors that could further reduce the size and weight of devices. The technology can move "sophisticated processing" to the cloud, giving devices greater capability than their hardware would normally allow.
  • May 2012 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and HP advance research in networking and information analytics technology
    HKUST has received two awards as part of the fourth annual HP Labs Innovation Research Program (IRP) in September 2011. The program has created opportunities for faculty members and students at leading tertiary institutions worldwide to conduct breakthrough research with HP.
  • April 2012 Mobility in many dimensions
    HP Labs develops Personal Mobile Grids to enable next-generation mobile experiences
  • April 2012 HP Labs suggests how to sell your personal data
    Companies of all kinds are keen to learn ever more about us, and are increasingly willing to pay for the privilege, notes Bernardo Huberman, HP Senior Fellow and director of the Social Computing Research Group at HP Labs. That's the argument behind a new paper, "A Market for Unbiased Private Data: Paying Individuals According to their Privacy Attitudes," [pdf] written by Huberman and HP colleague Christina Aperjis.
  • April 2012 Are digital bracelets for hospital patients just around the corner?
    In a recent feature article in USA Today, Carl Taussig, director of HP Labs' Advanced Display Research. discusses, among others, the potential and challenges of flexible display technology.
  • March 2012 Wired details HP's laser-powered Corona
    Wired writes that HP hopes to complete Corona, a computer that connects 256 microprocessors through beams of light, by 2017. Corona would be able to communicate at 20 terabytes per second, and the outlet notes that its advances in power efficiency could bring supercomputers closer to exascale computing.
  • February 2012 Project Moonshot could be a hit
    A Wired article wonders if HP Labs can deliver an industry-changing product on the order of its HP-35 Scientific Calculator. HP's Prith Banerjee asserts that Project Moonshot could lead to a hit product.
  • February 2012 HP Labs predicts popularity of news articles on Twitter
    HP Labs researchers have developed a method of determining "with surprising accuracy" how many times a news article will be reposted on Twitter. The team created a statistical model to rate the popularity of 40,000 articles from nine days in August 2011, taking into account the article's source, the type of news being reported, whether the content is emotional or objective, and the naming of a celebrity. Read the full tech report
  • February 2012 HP Labs' Rankr service helps a youth marketing campaign stand out
    HP Labs' Social Computing Research Group teamed up with HP Sweden to test a new social ranking engine called Rankr on HP's Sweden Facebook page.
  • February 2012 Labs 2011 Annual Report
    The HP Labs Annual Report highlights our research themes, significant inventions, technology transfers and, most importantly, our research team.
  • February 2012 HP Labs director Prith Banerjee touts optical interconnects
    In a keynote address at DesignCon 2012 in Santa Clara, Prith Banerjee described his vision of future systems architectures capable of handling the coming flood of digital data. View video.
  • January 2012 BBC tours HP Labs UK
    BBC offers a look inside HP Labs in Bristol, describing ongoing projects such as security technology that uses "forensic virtual machines" to detect infections, the Central Nervous System for the Earth sensor network, and low-power, nonbacklit mobile displays.
  • January 2012 HP Labs India set-top box brings Internet to the masses
    An in-depth article published by the Times of India looks at the potentially revolutionary device called Vayu. Developed by researchers at HP Labs India, it connects anyone's TV to the Internet, allowing millions of people to access the Internet without a PC.
  • January 2012 HP Labs calls on world's brightest minds to drive innovation
    HP Labs previewed in late March 2011 two new research programs aimed at reducing HP customers' energy use, both of which further the company's commitment to advancing environmental sustainability.