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» HP Labs Advances Sustainable IT with New Research Projects
June 4, 2008
HP Labs announced three new sustainability research initiatives: an industry-first initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers by 75 percent, groundbreaking research to replace copper wiring in servers with laser light beams and tools for measuring and managing the amount of energy used to develop products.

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» HP Licenses Technology to Xtreme Energetics for Creation of Super-efficient Solar Energy System
June 4, 2008
HP has licensed transparent transistor technology developed in HP Labs to Xtreme Energetics of Livermore, CA, to develop a solar energy system designed to generate electricity at twice the efficiency and half the cost of traditional solar panels.

» HP Labs Opens Research Opportunities to Academia
May 7, 2008
HP issued a request for proposals for colleges, universities and research institutions worldwide to participate in joint research with HP Labs.

» HP Sharpens HP Labs to Drive High-impact Research
March 6, 2008
HP Labs now consists of 23 distinct labs across seven worldwide locations. Collectively, the labs are focused on five main areas: information explosion, dynamic cloud services, content transformation, intelligent infrastructure and sustainability.

» HP Sets New Milestones in Data Center Energy Efficiency
October 23, 2007
The largest deployment to date of HP's Dynamic Smart Cooling technology is up and running in a data center in Bangalore, India. The deployment is intended demonstrate how the cooling technology scales in a real-world, heterogeneous data center environment.

» Crospon Licenses HP Technology to Create Industry-first Skin Patch for “Smart” Drug Delivery
September 11, 2007
HP inkjet technology could soon could be used to administer drugs to patients through thousands of tiny needles embedded in a skin patch, thanks to a licensing agreement with medical-device developer Crospon. The technology enables controlled release of one or more drugs in a single patch applied to the skin.

» HP Drives Data Center Energy Efficiency with Thermal Services and Dynamic Smart Cooling
July 25, 2007
The new services include HP Thermal Zone Mapping, a patent-pending development from HP Labs, which lets customers see a 3D model of how much and where data center air conditioners are cooling. As a result, they can arrange and manage air conditioning for optimal cooling, increased energy efficiency and lower costs.

» HP and MIT Create Non-profit Organization to Support Growing Community of DSpace Users
July 17, 2007
HP and the MIT Libraries have formed the non-profit DSpace Foundation to provide support to the growing community of institutions that use DSpace, an open source software solution for accessing, managing and preserving scholarly works in a digital archive.

» HP Technology Takes the Guesswork Out of Matching Colors
July 11, 2007
HP Labs developed a technology that uses sophisticated imaging algorithms and mobile networking to match colors that complement one another, including makeup specific to skin coloring.

» HP, Tsinghua University Form Multimedia Technology Research Collaboration
May 31, 2007
Researchers at HP and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, are jointly developing multimedia technologies, including automated photo sorting, facial expression recognition and video and music analysis.

» HP Shows Off System that Affords Every Customer a Personal Shopper
May 29, 2007
The experimental system is designed to enhance the consumer shopping experience and improve efficiency for retailers by bringing the power of online access to brick-and-mortar stores.

» Do-it-yourself toolkit lets people create and share mobile, interactive experiences
May 8, 2007
The prototype mscapers software suite and web site makes it possible for just about anyone to overlay digital sight, sounds and interactions on the physical world to create immersive, interactive experiences called mediascapes.

» New HP Labs Director is announced
May 2, 2007
Prith Banerjee, dean of the college of engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), has been named senior vice president, research, and director of HP Labs, effective Aug. 1. He replaces Dick Lampman, who is retiring after 35 years with HP.

» Technology to create nanoscale electronic devices is licensed
May 2, 2007
The technology, developed by HP Labs, involves a process called nanoimprint lithography –- a method of literally stamping out patterns of wires less than 50 atoms wide on a substrate.

» HP puts on its game face
April 4, 2007
HP outlined its strategy to capitalize on the rapid growth in online, mobile and PC gaming and demonstrated some of HP Labs' advanced technologies applicable for the gaming industry.

» HP expands R&D presence in growing economies with establishment of HP Labs Russia
January 22, 2007
The St. Petersburg facility, which will focus on information management, is HP Labs' third new site in five years.

» HP presents alternate strategy for chip improvement
January 16, 2007
HP announced research that could lead to the creation of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) up to eight times denser – while using less energy for a given computation – than existing ones.

» Richard H. Lampman, Director of HP Labs, to Retire in 2007 After 35 Years with HP
December 8, 2006
Lampman, 61, runs research activities in six labs around the world, with the objectives of providing leading-edge technologies to HP's businesses and creating new technology-based business opportunities.

» HP Helps Unlock Mysteries of World’s Oldest "Computer"
November 29, 2006
Researchers applied their reflectance imaging technology to help scientists understand the function of an ancient calculator considered to be the world's oldest technological device.

» HP Bridges Gap Between Facilities and IT to Solve Data Center Power and Cooling Challenges
November 29, 2006
HP is introducing a new energy management system and key initiatives to bridge the gap between facilities and IT to help customers dramatically reduce data center operating costs.

» HP, SAP Form Research Collaboration
November 7, 2006
HP and SAP AG will collaborate on research aimed at improving the flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT systems for businesses of all sizes.

» HP Plots Virtual Prison Break from the Tower of London
October 23, 2006
Researchers and Tower of London staff are piloting a location-aware adventure game in which visitors to the historic fortress help virtual prisoners to escape.

» HP Creates RFID technology for tracking data center assets
October 17, 2006
Researchers have successfully tested experimental technology designed to automatically monitor data center assets with a major U.S. midwest retailer.

» Free interactive mobile learning resource available for schools
September 19, 2006
HP and Futurelab, a nonprofit learning company, have launched a free tool that lets students and teachers create digital, mobile, multimedia experiences known as mediascapes to provide location-based learning.

» HP, A*STAR Set Up Second Joint Research Lab
September 18 2006
HP Labs and Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research have established a joint research project to help provide improved technologies for multimedia streaming. It’s the second agreement between the two organizations this year.

» HP Unveils Revolutionary Wireless Chip that Links the Digital and Physical Worlds
July 17, 2006
The grain-sized chip could be attached to almost any object, making information more ubiquitous.

» HP and A*STAR Establish Shared Services Platform Laboratory in Singapore
June 14,2006
HP and the Singapore government’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) will establish a joint research project in Singapore to help enable the next-generation data center.

» HP targets "next billion customers" with technologies for growing economies
April 6, 2006
Technologies created by HP Labs India are designed to help grow opportunities in rapidly expanding economies by adapting to the needs of non-Western languages, unique infrastructures, and indigenous cultures and customs.

» HP Outlines Future Vision at 40th Anniversary of HP Labs
February 21, 2006
HP kicked off a year-long observation of the 40th anniversary of HP Labs, the company's central research organization, and outlined an ambitious, far-reaching vision for the future of information and communications technology.

» HP and Hitachi to Collaborate on Security and Privacy Research
January 17,2006
The research collaboration will focus on two primary themes: authenticating users and devices to improve security inside networks and the use of digital signatures to guarantee the authenticity of document content.

» HP Earns No. 3 Spot on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Top 10 Ranking
January 10, 2006
HP was awarded 1,797 patents last year, bringing its total holdings to about 15,000 patents in the United States and 30,000 worldwide.

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