Java Socket Interface for Infrared Communication


This Java Infrared Socket API provides a way of communicating through infrared medium on a Linux computer using the Java language. Thus, Java application developers can develop applications involving infrared access much easily.

This API is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.




Communication with a Palm

The main question that I get about this API is how to use it to communicate with a Palm device. I'll try to answer...

The Palm mostly uses a protocol called Obex to exchange various objects (business cards, appointements, ...). Obex is a standard IrDA protocol implemented on top of the IrDA sockets, and that is more or less a compressed version of HTTP.

There exist some implementation of Obex for Linux and Win32 written in C, the most popular beeing OpenObex. But, of course, you want to do your coding in Java. We have looked in doing a JNI wrapper around the OpenObex library, but I must admit that the OpenObex API is not appropriate for this.

The other solution is to do an implementation of Obex in Java, written on top of the Java-IrDA API. In fact, the JRed project already contains a cut down version of Obex written in Java, and it should be an easy task to port it over our API. Another project that may have an Obex implementation in Java in the future is Jir.


IrNET and e-Squirt

This package is an offshoot of the Cooltown Appliance Computing project of Hewlett Packard Laboratories.

Enjoy Beaming with Java!

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