This implementation has been tested with another independent implementation developed by the University of Singapore. Several tests have been carried out and some problems (both implementation and design of Mobile IP) have been found out.

These are the subjects tested which are working successfully.
  1. Mobile Nodes receiving and processing Agent Advertisements.
  2. Agents receiving Agent Solicitations and responding with Agent Advertisements.
  3. Mobile Nodes registering with foreign agents on foreign networks.
  4. Packets being received by the mobile node after having been tunneled by the home agent and de-tunneled by the foreign agent.
  5. Packets from the mobile node being routed directly to their destinations.
  6. Mobile nodes discovering that their connectivity/subnet had changed and re-registering at their new location.
  7. Mobile nodes discovering that their current foreign agent had rebooted and therefore re-registering with that foreign agent.
  8. The required form of tunneling (IP-in-IP encapsulation).
  9. Mobile nodes de-registering upon returning to their home network.
  10. Registrations being rejected for authentication failures, including invalid authenticators.
  11. TCP connections remaining open (with data flowing) while a mobile node moved from its home network to a foreign network and then back again to the home network.