Thirteenth IMA International Conference on


12th to 15th of December 2011        Lady Margaret Hall       University of Oxford      the UK









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IMACC 2011 Accepted Papers

·      Kenneth Paterson and Martin Albrecht. Breaking An Identity-Based Encryption Scheme based on DHIES

·   Stephen C. Williams. Analysis of the SSH Key Exchange Protocol

·   Peter Scholl and Nigel Smart. Improved Key Generation For Gentry’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme

·   Mitsuhiro Hattori, Takato Hirano, Takashi Ito, Nori Matsuda, Takumi Mori, Yusuke Sakai and Kazuo Ohta. Ciphertext-Policy Delegatable Hidden Vector Encryption and Its Application to Searchable Encryption in Multi-user Setting

·   Yuki Shibuya and Junji Shikata. Constructing Secure Hybrid Encryption from Key Encapsulation Mechanism with Authenticity

·   Alex Burrage, Ana Salagean and Raphael Phan. On the Stability of m-Sequences

·   Go Yamamoto and Tetsutaro Kobayashi. Self-Correctors for Cryptographic Modules

·   Colin Boyd and Juan Gonzalez Nieto. Strong Forward Secrecy for One-Round Key Exchange

·   Jean-Pierre Flori, Sihem Mesnager and Gerard Cohen. The Value $4$ of Binary Kloosterman Sums

·   Delphine Boucher and Felix Ulmer. A Note on the Dual Codes of Module Skew Codes

·   Diego Aranha, Edward Knapp, Alfred Menezes and Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez. Parallelizing the Weil and Tate Pairings

·   Malika Izabachene, Benoit Libert and Damien Vergnaud. Block-wise P-Signatures and Non-Interactive Anonymous Credentials with Efficient Attributes

·   Frederik Armknecht, Daniel Augot, Ludovic Perret and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi. On Constructing Homomorphic Encryption Schemes from Coding Theory

·   Kazuhiko Minematsu and Tetsu Iwata. Building Blockcipher from Tweakable Blockcipher: Extending FSE 2009 Proposal

·   Michael Scott. On the Efficient Implementation of Pairing-Based Protocols

·   Martijn Stam and Elena Andreeva. The Symbiosis between Collision and Preimage Resistance

·   Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem, Julia Borghoff and Erik Zenner. Cryptanalysis of the Light-Weight Cipher A2U2

·   Junji Shikata and Daisuke Yamanaka. Bit Commitment in the Bounded Storage Model: Tight Bound and Simple Optimal Construction

·   Daniel Augot, Morgan Barbier and Caroline Fontaine. Ensuring Message Embedding in Wet Paper Steganography

·   Vincent Herbert and Sumanta Sarkar. On the Triple-Error-Correcting Cyclic Codes with Zero Set {1, 2^i+1, 2^j+1}

·   Guilin Wang, Fubiao Xia and Yunlei Zhao. Designated Confirmer Signatures With Unified Verification

·   Matthew Parker and Constanza Riera. Generalised Complementary Arrays

·   Yasushi Osaki and Tetsu Iwata. Security of Hash-then-CBC Key Wrapping Revisited

·   Xusheng Zhang and Dongdai Lin. Efficient Pairing Computation on Ordinary Elliptic Curves of Embedding Degree 1 and 2

·   Kun Peng. A Secure and Efficient Proof Of Integer in an Interval Range

·   Duc-Phong Le and Chik-How Tan. Improved Precomputation Schemes for (Multi-)Scalar Multiplication on Elliptic Curves

·   Marc Mouffron and Guillaume Vergne. Enhanced Count of Balanced Symmetric Functions and Balanced Alternating Functions
















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