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My previous activities include


·        editor of ISO/IEC 10118-3:2004 (3rd edition)

·        editor of ISO/IEC 11770-4:2006 (1st edition)

·        co-editor with Pil Joong Lee, ISO/IEC 14888-3:2006 (2nd edition)

·        co-editor with Bart Preneel, ISO/IEC 9797-2:2011 (2nd edition) (MACs based on dedicated hash-functions)


·        associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


·        PhD external examiner for University of Bath, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Graz University of Technology, Queensland University of Technology, and University of Wollongong


·        honorary senior lecturer in the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham


·        researcher assistant in Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London. I was involved in the following two projects:


Third Generation Mobile Telecommunications Systems Security Studies (3GS3), the DTI/EPSRC LINK project funded by the UK EPSRC under research grant GR/J17173;


Advanced Security for Personal Communications Technologies (ASPeCT), the European Commission under ACTS programme project AC095.


·        visitor in Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University


·        lecturer in School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University


·        co-organiser with Steve Kremer and Mark Ryan, Dagsuthl workshop on Formal Protocol

Verification applied


·        IMACC 2011, program chair


·       TrustCom 2011, program co-chair with Guilin Wang of Security Track


·       INTRUST 2011, program co-chair with Moti Yung and Liehuang Zhu


·       program committee co-chair with Moti Yung,

      INTRUST 2010 



·       program committee co-chair with Chris Mitchell, Technical Strand of Trust 2009


·       program committee co-chair with Yi Mu, ISPEC 2008


·       program committee co-chair with Mark Ryan and Guilin Wang, ICICS 2008


·        program committee member of

       ACCESS 2013

       ACMCCS 2013

       ASIACCS 2013

       ESORICS 2013

       FC 2013

       ICICS 2013

       IMACC 2013

       Inscrypt 2013

       InTrust 2013

       Pairings 2013

       STM 2013

       Trust 2013

 ACNS 2012

       ASIACCS 2012 

       ESORICS 2012

       Inscrypt 2012

       ISC 2012 

       TSCloud 2012

       ProvSec 2012

       IEEE INCoS 2012, Track on Cloud Computing: Services, Storage, Security and Privacy   

            ICICS 2011

            Inscrypt 2011

            ACM STC 2011 

      ACNS 2011

      AsiaCCS 2011

      CryptoForma 2011

      ISC 2011

      ISPEC 2011

      ProvSec 2011

      Trust 2011 

      ACNS 2010

      ATC 2010

      CARDIS 2010

      FCS-PrivMod 2010

      ICCCN 2010, Track on Network Security and Privacy   

      ICDCS 2010, the Security and Privacy Track

      ICTCI 2010

      ISPEC 2010

      IWSEC 2010, Track of Security in Networks and

                              Ubiquitous Computing Systems

      IFIP SEC 2010

      Pairings 2010

      STC 2010

      Trust 2010, Technical Strand

ACM STC 2009,

ACNS 2009,


ATC 2009,

Cryptography and Coding 2009,

ICICS 2009,

ICISC 2009,

Iscrypt 2009,

ISPEC 2009,

ProvSec 2009,


CANS 2008,

ICISC 2008,

Pairings 2008,

ProvSec 2008,


CANS 2007,

Cryptography and Coding 2007,

GOCP 2007,

ISPEC 2007,

IWSEC 2007,

ProvSec 2007,

CANS 2006,

ACISP 2006,

ISPEC 2006,

Financial Cryptography 2005,

ICISC 2005,

ISC 2005,

ISPEC 2005

WISA 2005,



·        guest editor of

Special Issue on Cryptography in Networks,

International Journal of Networks and Security (IJSN)


Special Issue on Cryptography in Computer System Security,

Journal of Universal Computer Science (JUCS)


·        contributor to TCG: The protocol (joint work with E. Brickell and J. Camenisch) titled "Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA)" has been adopted by TCG and specified in TCG TPM Specification Version 1.2. This work was also introduced in Grossman's article, "Anonymous trust: making trusted computer work with privacy", in Scientific American (August 2004).


·        contributor to IEEE P1363: The following two works have been submitted to IEEE P1363.3, which are available at the IEEE P1363.3 web site:


M. Barbosa, L. Chen, Z. Cheng, M. Chimley, A. Dent, P. Farshim, K. Harrison, J. Malone-Lee, N.P. Smart and F. Vercauteren. SK-KEM: an identity-based KEM.


L. Chen, Z. Cheng and N.P. Smart. Identity-based key agreement protocols from pairings.




Last updated: 03-April-2014

You can reach me at:


liqun.chen <at> hp.com


+44 117 316 2201


Hewlett Packard Labs
Long Down Avenue, Stoke Gifford
, BS34 8QZ, UK












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