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Marco Casassa Mont at HP Labs
Senior Researcher
Cloud & Security Lab
Bristol, UK

R&D Projects

My current R&D focus and interest is on Security, Cloud Computing and Information Management. I am currently a technical lead in the Safe Cloud project: 

"The Safe Cloud project aims to help enterprises, governments and other organizations create and exploit the information-rich cloud. We're doing this by developing security technologies that will provide safe and trusted ways to manage, control, and share information. To that end, we are researching new mechanisms for cloud-based accountability, assurance, trust and control. These will be the foundation for a new, rich cloud platform that will let users safely share data and information within a wider service ecosystem, thereby delivering services that fully realize the vision underlying Cloud computing."

In this context I have been recently working on various R&D topics and areas. Two areas I can publicly talk about are:

My previous projects and expertise also involved R&D activities in the space of Identity Management, Policy Management, Privacy, Security Analytics.

In terms of Identity Management, my R&D work is on enterprise and federated contexts. My vision and goal was to automate and improve identity and privacy management processes within enterprises by keeping into account the current situation (e.g. current state-of-the-art enterprise identity management solutions) and emerging trends, including an increasing need for accountability, better compliance (to laws and legislation) and governance, cost reduction and fulfilment of end-users' expectations and needs. Policies and Policy Management have a important role in shaping and driving solutions in this space. Part of my R&D work has focused on related policy management aspects.

New trends (I am interested in) also includes an increased adoption of Web 2.0 technologies by enterprise employees and business groups which brings a shift towards enterprise-based social networks, collaborative environments, collective intelligence. These trends are going to be reinforced  by the future adoption of related "Web 2.0" technologies and approaches also by "IT & Support groups" within enterprise. I am currently exploring opportunities and the impact of these trends on Enterprise Web 2.0 (Enterprise 2.0).

Here is a list of (public) R&D projects and areas of research I have been recently involved and contributed to:

Past R&D Projects

Here is a list of past R&D projects I have been involved and contributed to:

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