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Marco Casassa Mont at HP Labs
Senior Researcher
Cloud & Security Lab
Bristol, UK

Detailed Biography

I am a senior researcher and technical contributor at HP Labs Bristol - Cloud & Security Laboratory.

Detailed information about my biography, work activities, education, etc. can be found in my CV.

My current research interests are in the areas of security, information management, cloud computing. I also have strong expertise and know-how on privacy, trust, adaptive systems, next-generation enterprise middleware, web services and web technologies.

My current R&D work focuses on topics related to safe cloud, security and information management. My work includes research and development of secure and trusted technologies, systems and solutions for people, enterprises and the Internet.

I am active on the publication and conference front. I have more than 45 patents filed (80 including patents filed in multiple countries) and 11 patents granted.

I received two degrees respectively in Computer Science and Information Management (1991, 2005) and a MSc degree on Computer Science from the University of Turin, Italy. I worked for a company owned by Telecom Italia as a senior system and software architect before joining HP in 1996.


My Contacts:

Marco Casassa Mont

HP Laboratories

Cloud & Security Lab

Long Down Avenue

Stoke Gifford

Bristol, BS34 8QZ, UK       

TEL: +44-117-3162196