What we know today as “big data” is getting even bigger, at a faster pace than ever anticipated. Our analytics research positions HP to help our customers take advantage of all of this data, integrating data sources, transforming and automating business processes, and acting on relevant insights, at unprecedented scale.

The Analytics Lab is responsible for research in analytics systems, technologies, and infrastructure as well as applications and visualization. We are developing new platforms for distributed and secure analytics workloads at cloud scale. At the same time, we are innovating in algorithms and analytics methods, enabling business questions to arise automatically from data. Finally, we are delivering novel applications, solutions and visualizations of the data, driving value in unanticipated ways. Examples include improvements to search, visualization and immersion into data, turning data into actionable information; sensing and control analytics, to better understand the physical world around us; and shaping the future of analytics at zetta scale – what will happen when big data becomes truly big, and truly fast.