Research opportunities and challenges

Cloud research is focused on delivering an application and computing end-state of Everything-as-a-Service: billions of users, accessing millions of services, through thousands of service providers, over millions of servers, processing exabytes of data, delivered through terabytes of network traffic.

With the proliferation of the Internet has come the opportunity to provide real-time access to consumer and business products, software and solutions, without the requirement that a user personally own the underlying resource. Cloud services are accessed over the Internet via user-friendly web interfaces, they are location agnostic, they can be hosted through third party service providers and they can be quick to improve based on real-time customer feedback.

Several elements are required for cloud technologies to enable an “Everything-as-a-Service” economy:

  • A shared cloud infrastructure that provides enterprise-grade security, scalability and quality of service.
  • A development environment that makes it easy for enterprise application developers who are used to creating small standalone applications to in turn deliver secure- multi-tenant applications horizontally scalable to millions of users.
  • An operating environment that seamlessly delivers and updates Cloud services without impacting user experience.
  • An easy way to combine multiple Cloud services in order to achieve business or personal tasks.

Our Cloud research has two primary topics:

Enterprise Cloud Software Platform (Cirious)

The Cirious vision is to lead HP in becoming the foremost Service Providers’ Service Provider, delivering a set of cloud capabilities that enable service providers to take full advantage of the power of the cloud. Our work enables service providers of all types to tap into foundational cloud capabilities – general purpose horizontal capabilities as well as those tailored for specific industry verticals – that make it easy for them to develop, host and manage their services to deliver value from the cloud, and to integrate with an ecosystem of services from other providers.

Social Computing

Our works aims to harness the collective intelligence of the connected population inside and outside enterprises to create novel technologies and services. Ours is an interdisciplinary approach, combining sociology, economics, and computer science. We focus on the science of attention, creating models to understand and harness the flow of collective attention, supporting a mobile society with context-aware and anticipative technology, and enabling a fluid enterprise, where collective intelligence is harnessed via appropriate incentives to predict the future, make decisions, and allocate resources.

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