HPL India: Innovations for the Next Billion Customers


HP Labs India is addressing the IT needs of the next billion customers for HP in rapidly growing markets in India, creating technologies that will make IT relevant, affordable and simple to consume.


  • Address key barriers to the wider impact of IT by radically simplifying web experiences for mass consumption
  • Help enterprises achieve significant productivity gains through seamless integration of paper in a digital world for enterprises workflows, collaboration and capture
  • Exploring new and compelling human-computer interactions that are natural, context awareness, adapt with use and achieve multimodal integration


  • Intuitive interfaces and interaction using touch, visual gestures, speech, user context - for both home and mobile computing scenarios
  • Novel cloud services and web application platforms for Simplified Task-based Personal Web Interactions from diverse client devices
  • Paper in the digital world, including document analysis, document workflows, archival, machine readable paper documents, ink extraction and recognition
  • Web 2.0 technologies for education

Director: Sudhir Dixit