HPL Russia: Information Fusion and Real-Time Delivery Lab


Fulfill the demand for timely delivery to enterprise customers of information that is described in the language of businesses, processed within their business context, and automatically selected, gathered and transformed from diverse, heterogeneous, distributed sources.


End users will be able to work more flexibly with vast amounts of complex information, by using complete, timely, contextually minimized information, which will be integrated, optimized, and personalized using innovative context-modeling and content-mining algorithms applied to rich data complying with XML, and related open standards.


To conduct this research, we are applying our deep core competence across the disciplines of information modeling, semantic analysis, and rich information retrieval to:

  • dramatically advance the state of the art in rich-information sourcing
  • deliver breakthroughs in modeling information-consumption context
  • contextually optimize information quality and use of human attention
  • allow users to impose their personal view on Web and corporate information

Director: Vladimir Polutin