A java applet created using GUESS should have popped up in a separate window. It shows a network of phrases occurring in the same blogs.  Two phrases share an edge if their cosine similarity (a weighted measure of the number of blogs that used them both) is above a threshold. You can zoom in and out by pressing the right mouse button and dragging the mouse over the display. Mousing over the nodes will give you the names of the blogs. Mousing over an edge will list the blogs mentioning the pair of phrases in a text box below (with numbers indicating how many times that blog mentioned the first and second phrase). Adjusting the slider will place a threshold on the cosine similarity between the phrases. Checking the box will remove phrases mentioned by fewer than 5 blogs.

You may need to refresh to get the applet to pop up.
Tested on Java plug-in version 1.4+

Click here to see a java applet demo of a network of citations between  top political blogs.