Mobile & Immersive Experience Lab


Create compelling mobile and immersive experiences that fundamentally change how people communicate, collaborate, socialize and entertain. Develop multimedia technologies to deliver interactive, mobile, and immersive audio-visual experiences. Develop natural and intuitive forms of interaction between people and technology. Create the next generation of 2-D and 3-D display technologies and information surfaces for mobile and immersive environments. Create technologies that will make IT relevant, affordable and simple to consume for HP's next billion customers in rapidly emerging markets such as India and China.


We aim to fundamentally understand and create:

  • novel user experiences inspired by networked media technologies for next generation media-rich social networks
  • natural audio/video/gesture communication systems for collaboration and entertainment
  • interactive multimedia delivery systems that dynamically adapt media and transport according to user behavior, context, and sensed network conditions
  • novel applications and services on mobile devices
  • radically simplified web access and experiences for mass consumption with or without broadband access
  • seamless integration of paper with the digital world for consumer, SMBs, and enterprises, including collaboration and capture
  • new and compelling human-computer interactions that are natural, context aware, adapt with use and achieve multimodal integration
  • dramatically improved quality and power efficiency of future 3-D displays and information surfaces
  • the convergence of printing and digital content distribution with low power, reflective paper-like displays providing a more sustainable alternative to paper
  • new opportunities enabled by replacing glass by plastic in displays: lighter weight, larger area, lower cost roll-to-roll manufacturing, mechanical flexibility and toughness


  • multimedia compression, processing, communication, and security
  • network media platforms (e.g., content delivery, peer-to-peer) and in-network processing to adapt and personalize media streams while in flight
  • 3D capture, processing, and 3D display for entertainment and collaboration
  • intuitive interfaces and interaction using touch, visual gestures, speech, user context - for both home and mobile computing scenarios
  • personalization and profiling for multimedia consumption from the web
  • novel cloud services and web applications for simplified task-based personal web interactions from diverse client devices
  • value creation for micro-entrepreneurs through social networks
  • paper in the digital world, including document analysis, document workflows, archival, machine readable paper documents, ink extraction and recognition
  • roll-to-roll manufacturing technology for electronics and information display manufacturing
  • electro-optical effects compatible with flexible substrates, including color reflective and emissive display surfaces