Networking and Communications Lab

Mission and Goal

A new Networking and Communications Lab (NCL) of HP Labs was founded in November 2010 with labs in Palo Alto, California, Beijing, China, and Princeton, New Jersey. The lab mission is to conduct fundamental research in networking and communications areas, to create and transfer innovations and disruptive technologies to HP networking business units, and to anticipate and address HP business needs.


  • Intelligent infrastructure and optimized management for home, campus, enterprise, and data center networks
  • Scalable wireless sensor networks
  • Future network architectures with end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE) across independently administered network domains
  • Advance the enabling technologies of Internet



  • New generation of flexible and programmable networks
  • Design, implementation and management of next-generation large scale wired and wireless networks
  • Scalable network system management, control, and inference
  • Network protocol system reliability, interface, and interoperability
  • Information and communications system security


Director: David Lee