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Pieter Kok
Postdoctoral Research Scientist

E-mail: pieter.kok@hp.com
Web: https://www.pieterkok.com
Phone: +44 (0)117 312 9983
FAX: +44 (0)117 312 9870

Quantum Information Processing Group
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol

Pieter Kok holds a degree in Foundations of Quantum Theory from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands (1997) and received his PhD in physics from the University of Wales, Bangor (2001).

Pieter's research interests include relativistic quantum information theory, linear optical implementations of quantum communication and computation protocols, quantum teleportation and the interpretation of quantum theory. Pieter is also one of the co-developers of quantum interferometric optical lithography.

Some publications:

1. Quantum lithography, entanglement and Heisenberg-limited parameter estimation. Pieter Kok, Samuel L. Braunstein, and Jonathan P. Dowling. Journal of Optics B (in press).

2. Limitations on building single-photon-resolution detection devices. Pieter Kok. IEEE: Sel. Top. Quantum Electronics 9, 1498-1501 (2003).

3. Gravitational decoherence. Pieter Kok and Ulvi Yurtsever.
Physical Review D 68, 085006/1-13 (2003).

4. Conditional linear-optical measurement schemes generate effective photon nonlinearities. G.G. Lapaire, Pieter Kok, Jonathan P. Dowling, and J.E. Sipe. Physical Review A 68, 042314/1-11 (2003).

5. The construction of a quantum repeater with linear optics.
Pieter Kok, Colin P. Williams and Jonathan P. Dowling.
Physical Review A 68, 022301/1-5 (2003).

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