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Sarita Yardi1, 2, Scott Golder2, and Michael J. Brzozowski2
1 School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
2 Social Computing Lab, HP Labs


Social Computing Lab

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» The pulse of the corporate blogosphere

To appear at Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW 2008, November 8-12, 2008, San Diego, CA, USA). ACM Press.
Temporal patternsBlogging at work has gained considerable interest in the knowledge management community. It is not clear, however, how much of work blogging is related to work versus social, or when work blogging takes place. In this poster, we present results from our examination of the temporal aspects of blogging within a large internal corporate blogging community. We compared our findings to similar analyses of employee email use and to college student Facebook use. We found that blog posting is temporally similar to email, while blog reading is more similar to Facebook messaging. Our results suggest that participation is both work-related and social, indicating a desire to connect to coworkers at multiple levels.
» Poster abstract (PDF)
Yardi, S., Golder, S., and Brzozowski, M. 2008. The pulse of the corporate blogosphere. In Conf. Supplement of CSCW 2008. November 8-12, 2008, San Diego, CA, USA. ACM Press.
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