Services and Solutions Research Lab


Enabling corporations to implement new business models utilizing a global ecosystem of services delivered over the cloud and developing the next generation of analytical technologies and solutions that will bring personalized experiences to individuals and unprecedented operational efficiencies to the enterprise.


  • design automation and integration technologies that are key to delivering dynamic, predictable, large-scale services economically
  • design cloud marketplace services that allow service providers to integrate and deliver their services to end customers
  • design a business operations environment that will facilitate the implementation of agile business models for corporations that want to use cloud-delivered services
  • enable enterprise services and business operations to be managed and optimized analytically, leading to leaps in operational efficiency
  • enrich the end-user experience for millions of users of HP’s devices through true personalization and dynamically tailored service and information delivery
  • create new products, services and solutions that enable the widespread application of our analytics expertise

Research Agenda

  • determining how to decompose business-level objectives to determine if an objective can be met using cloud-delivered services
  • determining how to discover, match and compose cloud-delivered services to meet business-level objectives
  • determining how to integrate data, process, and interaction flows across cloud-delivered services
  • determining how to choreograph cloud-delivered services to execute business-level objectives
  • flexible, sensitive, privacy-preserving and scalable algorithms for personalization and user profiling
  • scalable, adaptive modeling and optimization techniques applied to business areas ranging from resource management to risk management, marketing and pricing
  • advanced analytics technologies to enable data-driven design and analysis of strategic and operational decision processes in procurement and supply chain operations

Director: Jaap Suermondt