Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group


Transform the information technology ecosystem by pioneering technologies that lead to least energy and least materials usage.


  • reduction in consumption of materials, reduction in usage of available energy in operation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • reduction in total cost of ownership of the IT ecosystem comprised of service-oriented access devices, printers and data centers through intelligent end-to-end management.
  • HP business growth through creation of sustainable IT services that replace conventional business models



  • conduct multidisciplinary research on the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem made up of billions of handhelds and printers, millions of systems and thousands of data centers and print factories.
  • devise an approach that traces the lifecycle of IT solutions – extraction, manufacture, use, waste mitigation and reclamation – then utilizes this cradle-to-cradle framework to calculate and optimize the total cost of ownership using “Joules” as the currency.
  • prove technologies through demonstrator projects in growth economies, then scale up solutions to address world-wide sustainability needs.


Director (interim): Cullen Bash