A brief introduction to structured modelling with Core Gnosis

Gnosis is a mathematical, discrete process simulation language and tool that we have developed to help model, explore and understand systems security issues. Core Gnosis is a subset which illustrates the underlying principles of the full language.

A Discipline of Mathematical Systems Modeling – Matthew Collinson (University of Aberdeen), Brian Monahan (HP Labs), David Pym (University of Aberdeen)

Our approach, described in this monograph, is to combine the compositionality of formal specification – using techniques from algebra, computation theory, logic, and probability theory – with the control of level of abstraction afforded by the classical mathematical modelling method.

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Read more about this research project from the Cloud & Security Lab (based at HP Labs’ facility in Bristol, UK) by downloading the following conference paper:
M. Collinson, B. Monahan, and D. Pym
Semantics for Structured Systems Modelling and Simulation.
Proc. Simutools 2010, ACM Digital Library and EU Digital Library. ISBN: 78-963-9799-87-5.

Download the Core Gnosis System.

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