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The Classical Communication Cost of Entanglement Manipulation: Is entanglement an inter-convertible resource?

Lo, Hoi-Kwong; Popescu, Sandu


Keyword(s): foundations of quantum mechanics; quantum information; quantum computation; entanglement

Abstract: Entanglement bits or "ebits" have been proposed as a quantitative measure of a fundamental resource in quantum information processing. For such an interpretation to be valid, it is important to show that the same number of ebits in different forms or concentrations are inter-convertible in the asymptotic limit. Here we draw attention to a very important but hitherto unnoticed aspect of entanglement manipulation - the classical communication cost. We construct an explicit procedure which demonstrates that for bi- partite pure states, in the asymptotic limit, entanglement can be concentrated or diluted with vanishing classical communication cost. Entanglement of bi-partite pure states is thus established as a truly inter-convertible resource. Notes: Sandu Popescu, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, CB3 0EH, UK & BRIMS.

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